• When: 12/02/14
  • QIC: Ranger
  • The PAX: Hopper, Permit, Net Flix, Band Camp, Turassi, Shake & Bake, Itchy, Spackle, House, Ray Ban, Fast Casual, Peggy, Shank, Floppy disk, Bulldog, Forrest, PYT, Lobo, Tumbler, Hanging Chad, Digger, Cram Cheese, Weekend Special, Pavorati, Shades of Grey, No Help, Mico Chip, Nano Chip, Penny Pincer, Wiggles, No Show, Pale Rider, Pee Dee, Pot Luck, Hugo, Utah, Double Dribble, Ranger

The Late Show, aka 44 Minutes of Pain!

38 Pax post to Graveyard for a much over due and 1 minute late Ranger Q workout. Chatter was high as YHC pulled into the parking lot on two wheels as the Pax was disappearing into the Stadium (Floppy had taken command in my breif (1 Minute ) absence). Chatter remainde high as the Pax provided comments about being shorted 1 minute by YHC so I did the best I could to give them their moneys worth in only 44 Minutes. Awesome to be back with the Boys at Graveyard and there were so many I thought I had run into a mini-convergence, then I was reminded that this was just another day at the Graveyard.

Weather:  40ish and clear

The Thang:

One lap around the field for warmup:

Circle up:

SSH – x20 IC
TTT – x20 IC
Imperial Walkers – x 20 IC
Merkins – x 20 IC
LBC – x 20 IC
6-Inches – x ?
Russian Twist – x20 IC
Boat/Canoe – x 20 IC

Count off 1s & 2s and mosey to the sideline

1s – Suicide(Hash, Hash, Far Sideline), 2s Merkins; then switch
1s – Suicide, 2s Squats: then switch
1s – Suicide, 2s Lunge: then switch
1s – Suicide, 2s LBC: then switch

Rinse and Repeat Suicide Sequence

Mosey to the Wall:

People’s Chair – 2 minutes
People’s Chair – 1 minute

Balls to the Wall – 2 minutes
Balls to the Wall – 1 minute

LBC – x 20IC
Merkins – x 20IC

Mosey to the Top:


Prayers, Nano Chip as he prepares for colleged after his acceptance to USC!, Walker, LT Dan Infection.

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