• When: 2020-06-09
  • QIC: Tuber
  • The PAX: Vanilla, Bud, Carpool, Toothpick, Moneypenny, Fire Daddy, Splinter, Abacus, Tuber


As we have been quarantined for months now, YHC has found that the calorie consumption vs. expenditure ratio has gotten a bit out of balance, Primarily because my lazy and increasingly ample caboose has been powering through alarms with pitiful regularity.  When Firedaddy sent the message that a Q was needed for today, I felt compelled to say yes just to make sure I’d actually get up and do it.  And so it was for me and 8 other PAX in the grotesquely humid gloom this morning.  It went like so:


The Conditions: 72 and disgusting

The Thang:

Mosey to stadium parking lot

15 Seal Jacks IC

15 IW IC


15 Flutters IC

Mosey to bottom of Suicide Hill


Burpee Ladder

Run to 1st speed bump at bottom of hill, 1 burpee

Run back to start, 2 burpees

Run to next bump, 3 burpees

Run back for 4

Run to bump at top of the hill, 5

back down for 6.

Repeat the sequence, but increasing to 7 at first bump, back to bottom for 8, etc,  Hill done again until 12 burpees complete at bottom.

Run to speed bump again, 10 Iron Crosses, 20 LBCs, 2 burpees

Run to next speed bump and repeat, do so at every bump until amphitheater is reached (11 total stops).

Finish up in amphitheater with 10 Incline Merkins, 10 Step Ups each leg, 10 dips.  Box jump the steps, run the bus loop, and back to the flag for BOM.

Prayers:  Creole’s family for their recent loss.  Reach out to him in this difficult time.

Fire Daddy’s aunt for her recent cardiac event.  Family faces grief ahead, prayers for all of them.

Closing prayer


Good to be back, men.  Let’s do this again some time.






1 thought on “Swimming”

  1. Tuber I must say this backblast does not adequately paint a picture of the Tuber House of Horrors we endured today. I could barely turn the steering wheel on the way home my arms hurt so bad. How dare you punch us in the face right out the gate with 100 burpees and hill running. What a sadistic Q! I will remember and apply this one a later time. The worst part was the sense of feeling the workout was complete with 7 minutes left and thinking we would mosey back for Mary…Then punched in the face again with more exercises and lap around the bus loop and back up 2 hills.

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