• When: 09/25/2014
  • QIC: Nail Pop
  • The PAX: Nail Pop, PYT, No Help, Clipboard, Tumbler, Hanging Chad, Phonebooth, Wkd. Special, Net Flix, Forrest, Nightmare, Whisper, Utah, Wiggles, Green Monster, Potluck, Peggy, House, Spackle, Itchy, Hopper, Fast Casual, Digger, No Show, Phillip FNG (Escrow)

Nail Pop Strings of Fire

25 PAX posted for a full body workout in the gloom and pushed themselves via a Nail Pop beatdown.

Conditions: 60 degrees and misty at times

BOM: Prayer by Nail Pop for the workout, safety, and thankful for the opportunity to do this with like minded men. 

The Thang

Mosey to the practice football field for warm up. Run ¾ lap around the field (High knees, butt kicks, and karaoke), then circle up.

SSH x 20 IC

Windmill X 20 IC

Thru the Tunnel X 20 IC

Merkins X 20 IC (forwards and then backwards)

Overhead Arm Claps X 20 IC

Mosey to the goal line for Strings of Fire  – 10 merkins, 10 jump lunges, and 10 BBSU then run to the other goal line and repeat.  AMRAP for 11 minutes.  The BBSU made everyone happy given we were all soaked at the end because of all the rain the past day.  Sorry guys #apologetic Q. 

Mosey to the Cinder Block pile bring it to the goal line with your partner. 

1st set – Curl press w/ Cinder Block while partner runs 100 yards and back (switch)

2nd set – Alternating merkin on Cinder Block while partner runs 100 yards and back (switch)

3rd set – Toe Taps on Cinder Block (disclaimer – don’t bust your rear end) while partner runs 100 yards and back (switch)

4th set – Russian Twist w/ Cinder Block while partner runs 100 yards and back (switch)

Take our toys back to the pile and mosey to the plush football field with a video board.  WOW!

Everyone line up on the sideline.

1st exercise – Prisoner lunge across football field to the visiting sideline. 

2nd exercise – Slow Mo Wojo – Treadmill special – on YHC’s call with pauses every 5th or 6th slide, rotate half way and continue till we make it back to the home sideline.

3rd exercise – Wheel Barrow w/ partner to the middle of the field and switch

Time for some MARY – 4 minutes of Dealer’s Choice

1st exercise – Flutter kicks x 25 IC (No Help)

2nd exercise – Russian twist x 25 IC (not sure who led this one)

3rd exercise – LBC’s x 25 IC (No Help)

YHC really enjoyed getting to lead and get better with his brothers in Christ.  Everyone pushed their selves and it was encouraging to see.  The mumble chatter was minimal which means everyone was #gettingbetter. Remember fellas we are better together.  YHC and Pot Luck’s challenge for this week is to EH someone and have some more FNG’s at the next few workouts. 




          Mud Run – October 4th

 Prayer request: Continue to pray for Walker’s recovery and transition to home next week. Continue to pray for No Helps wife – Dr.s to figure something out.                                


BOM: Prayer led by Pot Luck.  He challenged us to think of at least 1 if not 2 guys that are on our minds daily.  Someone that we can share Christ with and that could benefit from F3 and the fellowship it provides.  Step up guys and EH someone you know needs it.  Thanks Pot Luck for pushing us and making us better. 

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