• When: 08/09/14
  • QIC: Mungo
  • The PAX: Buud, Breaker1Nine, Zamboni, DirtBag, LunchLAdy, LightBill, Stirrups (War Daddy), Mungo

Mungo’s Wimpy Q – Blame it on the Pickle Toe

Conditions: 75 with a light drizzle

YVHC (your VERY humble correspondent) pried his six out of the fart sack for the first time in over a week and a half.  With a vacation and then an ensuing #pickletoe (see the Lexicon for this newly added term) YVHC was in no shape to Q a Saturday morning bootcamp, in fact I was feeling a little wimpy.  Failure towards the end of the workout was waiting for me at the block pile, but Buud picked up the slack and got the Pax through, at this point I was feeling a lotta wimpy.  Just proof that to be better and get better you have got to keep this up on a regular schedule.

The Thang: Jog to lower softball field
• SSH x 25 IC
• Merkins x 15 IC
• Flutter kicks x 25 IC
• LBC x 25 IC
• Rosalita x 25 IC
• Overhead Arm Clap x 25 IC (We miss you MP)
• Little Arm Circle x 12fwd/12 bkwd IC
• Mountain Climbers x 25 IC
• Squats x 25 IC
• Russian Twist x 25 IC

Iron Crosses against the fence – (fireants along the fence, move to sideline)
Move to side line for 25 Iron Crosses with partner

Mosey to playground
• 10 pull ups (partner help if needed), rinse and repeat
• 20 dips OYO on benches
• 15 incline merkins
• 20 dips OYO
• 10 decline mekins

Mosey back to upper parking lot, stop to make sure LightBill’s windows weren’t too far down, “they’re good”

Line up in front parking lot in front of tennis courts
• Forward/backward suicides at every line in the parking lot (Q is getting smoked by now)
• Plank until the six Q finishes

Mosey around back of the building to padded playground
• 25 Big Boy Situps OYO
• 20 Little baby crunches IC

Mosey to Block Pile
• 15 Curls for the gurls IC
• 20 toe taps on the block OYO
• 15 tricep extensions IC (Buud had to step in here, Thanks Buud, YVHC dying at this point)
• 25 squats with blocks IC (thanks again Buud)

Mosey Back to flag for Mary:
• Flutter kicks x 25 IC
• Boat / Canoe
• Plank-O-Rama
• Dirty Dog


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