• When: 08/21/14
  • QIC: Quisenberry
  • The PAX: Ginger, Catfish, Blue Screen, Take-A-Number, Mac, Fracture, Lollipop, Booster, Matchbox, Jake, Breakfast Club, Say What?, Double Dribble, Simon Says, Mad Hatter, Zapper, Alter Boy, Freon, Brother Si, Socrates, Peter, Thumbs Up, Blindside, Tarzan, Voltron, Granola, Copay, Pepto, Detour, Quisenberry

Mud Run Prep results in a Smoked Bear

A record number 30 pax posted at Crypt today for a Mud Run themed workout.  Mumblechatter was plentiful, and YHC was accused more than once of Qing and #Stride workout. But as always the spirit of the pax was strong and all left #Crypt a better version of themselves.


Conditions: About Normal


The Thang:


Mozey to the top of Cemetery Hill and Circle Up

SSH x21 IC

Mozey down Cemetery Hill to bottom set of lights and Circle Up

Slow Mo Merkins x21 IC

Mozey to Student Parking Lot and Circle up

IW x21 IC

Mozey back to the bottom set of lights on Cemetery Hill and Circle Up

Slow Mo Squats x20 IC

Mozey up Cemetery Hill to next set of lights and circle up

Flutter Kick x21 IC

Mozey to Wall at the top of Cemetery Hill

Incline Merkins x21 OYO

Mozey to brick pile for bricks and circle up in corner of the parking lot.

Curls for the Girls x21 IC

Tricep Extensions x21 IC

Shoulder Press x10 IC

Over Head Ax Swings x10 IC

Diagonal Ax Swings x10 IC each side

Napalm Special x10 IC

Reload the Brick Pile and mozey to the super secret field of dreams and Circle up


Standing Lunges x21 IC

Jog to far end of field and back

Russian Twists x21 IC

Mozey to side line

Jog across the field and back

Bear Crawl across the field and jog back

Freddie Mercuries x15 IC

Hello Dollies x15 IC

Heal Touches x15 IC

Jog to far end of the field and back

Release Merkins x13 IC

Mozey back to Parking Lot






  • 2nd F lunch at Salsaritas Friday 11:45 am.  Mention F3 and 15% goes to the Phillips Family
  • Convergence Saturday at Crypt – 6:15 am – the entrances to River Bluff will close at 8:00 for the Stomp the Swamp Race
  • Mud Run Registration still open
  • NEW AO – West Columbia Launches September 9th – Northside Middle School behind the new Toyota dealership on 378


Prayer Requests:

  • Walker Phillips
  • Pantyhose’s family with the loss of his mother.

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