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Thunder does Battle in the Rain

11 pax avoided the Cantorre today and posted in the wet, humid conditions at Thunder. YHC was co-Q with Hee Haw at Battle this weekend. Much to the dismay of the Pax, I stole a few things from Hee Haw’s playbook to share with our brethren at Thunder.

The pax were treated to plenty of merkins, a Jacob’s Ladder, some work in the amphitheater and a Dirty MacDeuce.

The Weather: 75 degrees, wet and muggy


Warm up lap around the track, back to the parking lot for:

SSH x 20 (IC)

Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC)

Squats x 20 (IC)

Merkins x 15 (IC)

Out to King Street and Partner Up (thanks Hee Haw)

Sprint to corner of King / Duncan, 20 fist-bump merkins w/ partner

6 inches while waiting

Sprint to corner of Duncan / Woodrow, 20 fist-bump merkins w/ partner

6 inches while wait

Sprint to corner of Woodrow / Wheat, 20 fist-bump merkins w/ partner

6 inches while wait

Sprint to corner of Wheat / King, 20 fist-bump merkins w/ partner

6 inches while wait

Mosey through Park and out to Queen Street Hill for:

Jacob’s Ladder

Sprint to top of hill, 1 burpee, back down, back up 2 … up to 7 burpees, finish at bottom (Beta Max loved it and expressed his (dis)pleasure to YHC)

Finish at bottom with

Flutter kicks x 25 (IC)

Chaser LBC’s x 25 (IC)

Mosey through park to Amphitheater

Parter Up

Parter 1 box jump to top – 5 burpees, Parter 2 Russian Twist until Parter returns


Mosey to Basketball Court for:

#Dirty MacDeuce

3 sets each round, all 12 reps, IC, 12 seconds rest between each round

Merkins / Flutters / Mountain Climbers

Werkins / Chaser LBC / Plank Jack

Slow-fast Merkins / LBC’s / Russian Twist

Diamond Merkins / Russian Twist / Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Wall for People’s Chair

Chair x 30 seconds, into Shoulder Press x 20 (IC), another 15 seconds in Chair and back to COT

– Great work by the pax today, hope you got your money’s worth
– Prayers for Jeff Felker “Sponge Bath” and his family following the tragic loss of Jeff
– Prayers that we cherish each day and our loved ones
– Mud run sign up
– BOM from YHC
– Great Devo from OC

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