• When: 11/07/15
  • QIC: Socks
  • The PAX: Stones, Tom Cat, Socks, Salt, Paper Boy, German Boy, Sparks, A1, Cousteau, Papa Smurf, Missing Names of 2 Men of Mission.

This One is More Than A Workout

Some of these guys are fast and strong and likely could keep pace with about anyone – heck, they traversed the Mud Run with Dredd.  The rest are busting their butts to get faster and stronger.  But they all go back to the Oliver Gospel Mission at 9:30 and get back to the real workout.  Their “Program” as we have come to call it, makes even the toughest Boot Camp look like a recess for a bunch of elementary kids.  By hanging with the OGM program, these men have willed themselves off the streets, cut off most of their contact with their wives, son and daughters and have enrolled in a 12 month marathon to #GetBetter, not physical, not spiritual, not mentally.  They are learning, or in alot of cases, relearning how to be a man.  If you want to know how to be a man ask yesterday’s graduate of the Oliver Gospel Mission’s program, Mulligan.  He stood firm in his class work, his devotions, didn’t break the rules – like life away from the OGM, there are alot of rules – break the rules at the OGM and your gone.  You’re looking for shelter and food and you can’t help your family.  You’ve got no support and you’ve got very little, if any, real hope.  This is not like the AO that we post at a couple times a week.  We’ve all got our share of problems, but not like “The Mission Men”.  So, when the Q hollar’s for Burpees down here, it’s the easiest part of their day.  And bear crawls and sprints and pull-ups – just fun distractions before they head “home”.

Here’s something that F3 men outside the OGM need to know.  Recent Program Grads and long time Program men are routinely saying to us and to the OGM supervisors that F3 is a major factor in getting through the 12 months of Program requirements.  That F3 changes their perspective.  That F3 Saturday is their favorite time of the week.  Grad Mulligan yesterday at his ceremony had a F3 decal with his bible.  This one is more than a workout.

Conditions:  Cool, Humid, No Rain.

The Thang

COP: IC 4 Ct – 5s/10s SSH, LBACs, OHArmCs, Merkins, Windmill, Burpees, Flutters, LBCs

Mosey to Cones: Two Teams.  Each team member takes turn w/Bear Crawls, Sprints, Burpees through a series of cones while others Plank.  RR with Merkins.

Mosey to Amphitheater:  Keep two teams, who split hill into two sections.  Both teams Burpee, Merkin, Dip their way to top, Mosey down.  RR.

Mosey to Playground:  OYO 10, Pullups, Dips, Flutters, LBCs, Mosey 70 yds.  RR.

Mosey to up steps to Laurel St.  Turn around and Mosey to Flag.  Alot of loud mumblechatter and PAXs jock for position in race to flag.

Circle Up for Dealer’s Choice: IC 4 Ct Merkins, SSH, Burpee Mixed With Plank Jack, LBCs.

COT: Names, Count, Prayers



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