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The Spur takes field trip to THE SHOE!

YHC was jealous not being with the other PAX trudging through the BRR all night long and therefore decided to use the hills that were given and go to work. As we know anything can happen especially if there’s not a complete plan adhered to. Let’s see what really happened out there.

Conditions: 75 degrees and humid enough!

COT (all IC x 20):
that’s enough of that…lets begin running. 5 warmup 50 yard suicides. Mosey to pull up bars.

100 each exercise OYO without moving to the next exercise before completion:
Finish off with 25 pull ups
Plank until the 6 arrives

Mosey up to Sumter and Wheat
20 IC Flutter Kicks
Mosey to Sumter and Blossom
20 IC Flutter Kicks
Mosey to the bus stop on Sumter going to Greene
20 IC Flutter Kicks
Mosey to Sumter and Greene
20 IC Flutter Kicks
Mosey to the planters at THE SHOE!
30 Box Jumps
Run to the first Hydrant in THE SHOE and perform
30 Merkins
Run to the parallel Hydrant in THE SHOE and perform
30 LBC’s
Back to the planter on Sumter
Repeat with 20 of each exercise, then 10 of each exercise.

Mosey back to the corner of Sumter and Greene to complete the final
20 IC Flutter Kicks to make an even Hundy!

Mosey to the fountain pool for a modified squares of death.
Short sides lunge walk
Long Sides sprint
Plank until the 6 arrives

Mary lead by each PAX to help understand how to lead an exercise.
Cesspool 20 IC Freddy Mercury’s
Scarlett 20 IC LBC’s
Lumbergh 20 IC Russian Twists
RA 20 IC V-up’s
Welcome Back 20 IC Hello Dolly’s

Mosey to the beginning of the sky walk for a little more Mary:
20 IC Box Cutters

Mosey to the middle of the sky walk over Blossom:
20 Merkins OYO
Plank until 6
1/2 Way down for 10 count

Mosey back to the bottom of the steps leading to the Starting location.
25 IC Calf Raises
Pick a spot on the wall for People’s chair
60 seconds
20 second recovery
90 seconds to finish.

YHC mistakenly asked for any jokes. BAD IDEA!
Scarlett and Lumbergh competed for the worst jokes back and forth. I don’t think either won!

BOM: Cesspool


– Sign up for the Mud Run ends today!
– BRR continues.
– Blessings for Lumbergh and his wife who are expecting this coming week!!!!!