• When: 2018-02-15
  • QIC: RA
  • The PAX: Duckie, Chaser, Gazer, Newman, Billy Bob, McNugget, Wally, Detour, RA

The Solo Duel

A while back, Collar instituted the dueling Q at Hammer based off of Battle and how each Q takes his best shot at the pax for 30 minutes before handing off to the next Q. The dueling Q has become a great workout opportunity because it changes up the routine and allows the Q to really focus on their part of the workout and what he hopes to achieve. These workouts have become quite impressive over the last few months.

With this in mind YHC awoke to a Direct Message from Pinkman that he was out with the stomach flu and YHC was riding solo for the duel this morning. Credit for part of this workout goes to Pinky’s prior planning.

Conditions: High 50s and clear, beautiful gloom weather

The Thang:

Warm up:

SSH x 25 IC

Slow Burpees x 10 IC

Imperial Squats x 10 IC

Grab the Blocks and circle up

Main Set 1…

10 down to 5 of Curls, Bent Over Rows & Kettle Bell Swings

Flutter Kick for the 6

Mosey to Ila at Briarfield

Main Set 2…

10 RA Lunges each leg, 10 Broad Jumps, 10 Jump Squats, 10 Slow Frank Martins each side x 5 sets (the length of Ila)

Sky-ups for the 6

Mosey back to Blocks

Main Set 3…

10 down to 5 of Over head Press, Standing Upright Rows, Dive Bomber Merkins

Freddie Mercury for the 6 followed by 10 slow count IC Freddie Mercury’s for form reinforcement

Return the Blocks

Mosey to Bus Loop

Complete 1 light pole suicide on the length of Bus Loop

Hold Plank for 6

Mosey to Flag

2 minutes of Big Boy Sit-ups


Let’s all HC each day for the workouts we plan to attend

Be on the lookout for a calendar of Columbia events of the 1st and 2nd F variety

New Q schedule is out


Excellent work was put in today by everyone and it was good to see all of the pax giving their 100% effort through the full 45 minutes. Sometimes we catch ourselves waiting for the workout to be over or resting when we know we have more to give. Be sure to get the full benefit of your 45 minutes each morning and leave nothing on the table.