• When: April 7, 2017
  • QIC: Beamer
  • The PAX: Wham, TurnPike, Fudd, Kamikaze (Respect), Grilz, FreeBird, and Beamer

The Castle Cross

With Palm Sunday quickly arriving I wanted to make sure the Pax had a little reminder of the coming holy week. I thought the best way to do that was provide a little pain (more on that later).

7 decided to come get better this Friday.

The Thang: I promised the Pax a cross would make an appearance. Grilz was thinking I visited Robber and nailed two of his infamous telephone poles together, but no our cross was where two streets meet.

We mozy to the top of the hill on Kings Grant Dr. for a little warm up.

Little Baby Arm Circles 15x IC forwards and backwards
Through the tunnel 20x IC

Instructions given and here is where the Castle Cross was introduced.

Run to first road on Tombee Hill, 20 Spider man Pushups
return to starting point (SP) (where Tombee and Kings Grant Drive meet)
20 Iron Crosses with partner
Run down Kings Grant Dr. to first road on right, 20 Squat Jumps
return to SP, 20 Iron Crosses with Partner
Run down Tombee the other way to the first street light, 20 Burpees between partners
return to SP, 20 Iron Crosses with Partner
Run to bottom of hill on Kings Grant Dr, 20 Carolina DryDocks,
Bernie Sanders back to SP, 20 Iron Crosses with partner

Rinse and Repeat.

If your counting at home that is 160 Iron Crosses with partner

Return back to COP for announcements and prayers. We acknowledged how thankful we are that God sent his son to die for our sins and we get to celebrate that through Thanksgiving. I also asked that we remember this week if we start to feel any pain because the small number of Iron Crosses (ha ha!!)

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