• When: 04/08/17
  • QIC: Misfire and McNugget
  • The PAX: Hustler, Misfire, Splinter, Heehaw, Cesspool, Staccatto, Billy Bob, Rhonda, Minion, Hawg, McNugget

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Our fearless leader, Splinter, encouraged Misfire and YHC to step up and co-Q today’s #Battle workout only a few short days ago.  There was some initial doubt the Misfire could break away from his 5 am feeding duties for his 2.0 version 3, but we’ve all learned to never count out Misfire.  He showed up to at full strength ready to dish out a little punishment to lead off today’s Battle.  YHC followed up with a not so complimentary beat down, but it was fun, nonetheless.

Conditions: 40 degrees, clear blue skies, scattered with a few pink planes

The Thang:

Misfire is obviously a professional, so no need for a disclaimer.  The Pax headed over to the Battle Loop for the following circuit:

10 Pull Ups

25 Merkins

50 Heel Tap Crunches (you’d be surprised how such little movement could hurt so good)

The Pax executed five perfect rounds of this brutality.

Next Misfire took the Pax on a little stroll away from the AO.  We headed up Falcon Dr. took a right on Forest and reconvened in the bank parking lot.  Next the Pax were instructed to completed 50 more Heel Tap Crunches (yes they still hurt).  We headed out of the bank parking lot back to Forest for a few blocks and took a left onto Rutland Ct. home of the infamous Rutland Hill.  This is quite possibly one of the worst hills on this side of town.  Misfire thought it was good to get 50 more of those stupid Heel Tap Crunches in just for fun, but it wasn’t really fun.  After that the Pax ran down to the bottom of Rutland Hill and executed a cul-de-sac lunge walk.  Once the round was completed, then we ran back up to the top of this treacherous hill.  Apparently, what goes up, must come down, because we then headed back down to the bottom of the hill for another cul-de-sac lunge walk followed by a sprint back up the hill.  It was time for the handoff, so Misfire tapped YHC in.

This wasn’t quite the spot that YHC envisioned he might start his portion of the workout, so it was time for a little improvisation.  Here’s what we did:

50 Heel Tap Crunches since everyone loved them so

Plank-o-rama:  High plank, left arm up, Right arm up, High Plank, 20 pickle pounders (this may have caused a slight disturbance in the neighborhood combined with a John Holmes reference thrown in)

We took off from here and moseyed to the back parking lot of AC Flora.  There we found a wall for a Balls to the Wall round.  Started with BTTW and YHC called for a movement.  The Pax flawlessly executed 10 push ups from the BTTW position. Next was a BTTW round with 5 count left movement, 5 count right movement, and 5 count in/out movement.  The shoulders were on fire at this point.

Next we made our way to Battle pavers.  Grab a set of pavers for the following:

50 Overhead Press OYO

10 Front Raises

10 Side Raises

Next we made our way to the small grass field near the COT for the following:

Partner up for Brick Barrows.  Execute a wheel barrow while holding bricks.  Travel about 20 yards, switch partners and go back to start.  Repeat this brick barrow sequence.

Things started coming loose for YHC at this point.  YHC planned for a Brick Bear, which was supposed to be an exercise with bricks, while executing the bear crawl, but it was a minor disaster. The Pax were far from pleased, but we figured out how to do it on the second round.  It was work and it burned, so we’ll call it a success.

Running short on time at this point, but we had time for a little more fun:

50 squats with pavers

10 burpees with pavers

Mosey to put up your pavers.

We still had about one minute left and everyone knows that no McNugget workout is complete without  the Tunnel of Love, so we found a really sandy spot to complete the tunnel.

That’s all she wrote…

Great job today Battle Pax!


BOM- Misfire


5/20 Mud Run – sign up

Convergence coming up- stand by

Battle guys will be going to Mission in the next few weeks

BRR- Full

Consider retiring flags with respect if flags start showing too much age.  Mooresville made a ceremony out of it.

Keep Westwood family, players, coaches in your prayers after the recent tragedy.


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