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Where was Swampfox?

AO: swampfox
Q: McNugget
PAX: Billy Bob, SweetTart
FNGs: None
Conditions: 53 and dry under the perfectly placed awning.

The Swampfox pax must have forgotten there was plenty of covered space at their AO.

Warm up

SSH IC x 20
5 count merkins IC x 10
5 count squats IC x 10
Imperial walker IC x 15

Mosey to end of awning

25 squats

Mosey to church pew 25 declines while other pax wall sit

Mosey to railing 20 incline merkins

Mosey back to start

Balls to the wall with 10 chicken peckers

Grab Blocks head back to awning:

Exercises of 20 reps each active recover with SSH for 20 seconds after each exercise:

Low rows
KB Swings
Dead Lift
Overhead press
Block press
Goblet Squats
Block Merkins
Clean and jerk
Bonnie Blairs

Mosey to end of awning 25 merkins

Mosey back to start for ABs

BBS 25 x 25
Iron cross x 25
Freddie mercury x 50
Ray Charles x 100
Heel tap crunches x 50

Plank till done


11/23 0530 Thunder BC and Rogue run (from Thunder)

11/24- Runvergence

11/25 0700 Spur

12/16 Cold Brew
12/17 F3 Christmas party

BOM- McNugget

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