• When: 2017-09-14
  • QIC: Betamax
  • The PAX: Boris (Respect), Robber, Nard Dog, Welcome Week, Biggie Smalls, Beads, Fall Out, Cornstache, Fannie, Insanity, Ginny, Backdraft (Respect), Tommy Knocker (Kotters), Traitor, Betamax

Stairway to Nowhere

YHC woke up to a torrential downpour and was fairly certain there would be NOBODY at Thunder this AM.  As always, the Thunder PAX never disappoint and showed up in droves in the hopes of being the one…the one to get a donut!

YHC had made the PAX aware that the reward for the best mumblechatter comment at today’s workout would be rewarded with a circle of Krispy Kreme deliciousness.  Many brought their A-game and did NOT disappoint.

The Thang:
Head out the parking lot straight to Emily’s awaiting embrace.  Circle up in the field:

SSH – 25 IC
Squats – 15 IC
Merkins – 15 IC
LBAC – 20 both directions IC
It was at this point that Robber chose to pull down the Q’s shorts.  The Q simply continued cadence.
Overhead Press – 20 IC (pull up shorts)

Grab a block and head to the amphitheatre

3 rounds of 3 reps with the block with an exercise on each step
Round 1 – 10 Overhead Press at the bottom, step up, 10 Goblet Squats, step up…repeat to the top – back to the bottom and repeat for 3 reps
Plank for the 6
 It was at this point that Beads pointed out that Boris was likely just about to come up with a joke about the shorts pulling down (donut front runner)
Round 2 – 10 Curls at the bottom, step up, 15 calf raises, step up…repeat to the top – back to the bottom and repeat for 3 reps
Plank for the 6
Round 3 – 10 Bent Over Rows at the bottom, step up 10 Goblet Squats (YHC couldn’t remember the plan), step up…repeat to the top – back to the bottom and repeat for 3 reps – Except for Fall Out who had to do 4 reps (punishment for being the fastest…he still finished before all the rest)

Put the blocks up and head to the splash pad for 5 Minutes Of Mary.

Various Ab work made for plenty of time for mumble chatter by most of the PAX (Nard Dog, Insanity and Gump continued to refuse to be a part of the low-brow humor). Cornstache took the opportunity to point out YHC’s flawed Flutter Kick form to which YHC pointed out that Cornstache could, perhaps, have legs that are sized less than a full-grown man.  Cornstache retorted that, perhaps, that wasn’t the most important aspect of the male physique.  YHC suggested Corn might have something less than a full-grown man in other areas as well.

It was at this point that Tommy Knocker chimed in with his first verbal statement of the day in the form of a question that won the grand prize for the day!  The question was requesting to know more specifically to what YHC was referencing and suggesting what Tommy Knocker thought it could be.

Thus ended the 5 Minutes of Mary which was followed by a jail break to the flag.


COT, BOM and Traitor on the devo.

Moleskin – I don’t know about anybody else, but I had a blast!