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Roscoe's Hammer

Roscoe treated 31 early arrivals to a moving beatdown at Dreher High School. Familiar territory, epic downPAINment.

The Thang:



Sit-ups X30 OYO [Repeat x2]
Merkins X15
Mountain ClimbersX20

Jog from upper field to Adger – begin Logo’s Loop
Run to intersection of Adger / Devereaux
Burpees X10
Iron Cross X25 w/ partner
Run to Daly
Merkins X25 single count
Iron Cross X25 2/ partner
Run to Hollywood Squares
Step-ups X20 each leg
Decline Merk X10
Superman Crunch X15
Incline Merk X10
Jog to HB’s brickpile
Curls X20 blocks
Rows X20 “
Arm Flutters X20 w/ bricks
Decline Merk X10
Curls & Rows X20

Strings of Fire
100 yd sprint X field
Burpees X10
Merkins X15
Squats X15
2x with sprints
Merkins X15
Squats X15
2X with sprints


Ball of Man

Naked Man Moleskin:

  • This was an absolute sweat-drenched beat down by Roscoe.
  • Two upcoming dates for your calendar: Wednesday, June 19th — Beano’s change of command ceremony; Saturday, June 22nd — 2ndF family party at the Folline’s house. See email for details
  • If you have not gotten your kettle bell or pink tshirt, please make those arrangements
  • Amble group run Monday, Wednesday, Friday 0545-0630, Kathwood Baptist Church
  • Gears group bike ride Sunday 0700, Kathwood Baptist Church
  • Sway was an unrepentant #fartsacker this morning — up too late watching college baseball.

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  1. I guess that’s why Sway asked me to Q…. I stayed up watching the game and finally mailed it in at 12:45. Needless to say that’s not enough sleep for a 5:45 workout much less when you are the Q….

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