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The Ambulation X

A record 10 pax posted this morning’s oven-like gloom at KBC for a 4 mile hill-filled loop around the Lakes.  Not only was it 10 pax but several were first timers making it now 12 different Columbia pax that have participated in at least 1 Amble.

Conditions: Seventy-freakin-five degrees and Ninety-freakin-percent humidity.

The Thang:  F3 Amble 4 mile loop around both Lakes. The pax naturally broke into 4 separate pace groups so everyone got some Fitness and some Fellowship at their own pace.


-Great participation today beating our previous high of 9.

-If you’re into nature and stuff then Amble is for you.  The pax spotted the 4th deer since we began.  This big doe was walking through yards on Kilbourne. #venison

-If you want to do the Mud Run, let us know. We still have people looking for partners.

-We also spotted another rare creature on the run…the mythical Tajh…cheating on us with a not-yet-FNG….where hath you gone Tajh?

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