• When: June 8, 2015 on
  • QIC: Tuff Guy
  • The PAX: All

Pre-Blast for The Bulls Eye

Every Monday morning, many pax have enjoyed venturing down Blossom St and taking on The Bull. Yes, it is one of the more difficult AOs but if it were easy, we would have more participants than the Get to the Green 5k.  And more Merkins have been performed there than a weeks worth of a Ranger led workout.

Last summer it was the AO that most of the BRR participants chose to attend. With the steep grade and steps, all pax knew it would help out with the mountain goat hard legs. With and without weight, pax were getting better and stronger. YHC can attest to this.

Starting tomorrow, Monday June 8, we will be launching the Bulls Eye. This in no way will be taking away from the original AO.  We are just trying to configure a way for a little more BRR training. There will not be any points, but a numbering system. This system will only be used as a reference so each pax can see their own results.

The Thang:

All pax line up like you will start The Bull.

Proceed to the top of the hill and go all the way to Greene St.

Turn right on Greene and go 1 block to Pickens. Turn Right and run down Pickens, back to Blossom.

Turn left on Blossom. Go one block to Henderson. Turn Left and go up Henderson St.

At the top of Henderson, turn Left. Proceed one block and return down Pickens to Blossom.

Turn right on Blossom and go one block to Bull.

This completes one full lap. Each lap is approximately one mile.

Rinse and repeat.

If you do not have time to complete a full lap towards the end, stay at The Bull and run up and down Bull St until time is up. Stop at the top adjacent to the first stair tower, then return down the hill.  Rinse and repeat until time is up. (45 minutes)

The scoring will be how many laps you completed and then the sprints at the end. So if you completed 3 laps and 4 sprints, your score would be 3.4.

So by looking down on this, you will be doing a figure 8. Always remember that Pickens is the return street. Minus the sprints at the end which is Bull St only.

We will stay and do the BOM with pax of The Bull.

Again, this is in no way, trying to take away from what is already in place, This is just another opportunity to get better and stronger especially for the BRR. Running downhill is just as important as running up. Also hills are a sneaky way of incorporating speed work.

You will get better. You will get stronger.

See you in the gloom!

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