• When: 2018-08-02
  • QIC: Pinkman
  • The PAX: Collar, Garnish, Ducky, Chop Shop, Detour, Wally, Stretch, Gaston, Misfire

Pinkmans Basketball Camp

YHC Attended The Frank Martin Father Son Camp earlier this year and had a blast. I’m not sure who had more fun, my 2.0 or YHC, although it was probably me. I’d encourage anyone to go check it out, a great experience for both Fathers and Sons.

With the camp, we incorporated a ton of exercises the players do on a daily basis, and wanted to share with the PAX.

Conditions –  Low 70’s and Humid  


The Thang

Warm Up, all in Cadence

Slumdogs, Squats, Heel Tap Crunch, Merkins x 20

Warm Up, Round 2

Criss Cross run, switch sides to Isla

High Kicks and High Knees towards Satchelford

Lunges and Frank Martins towards Briarfield.

Head to grab 1 brick, or “basketball”

Main Set

20 count on the following, with brick

Brick out Front Squats, Brick Overhead Squats, Overhead Lunge, Side Lunge, Lunge with Twist, Squat Press, Woodchuck, American Hammer, Toe Touch Sit Up, Bicylce, Merkins

Mosey to BBall Court

(I previously set up a “ladder” and “Cones” on the court)

We did the following 5 times.

2 Toe Touches inside and outside Ladder, Run around basketball pole,  run to cones and back through cones, explode through, Frank Martins to back of line


We then split up into teams of 5 and played basketball.

If the offense scored, the other team did an exercise written on the basketball.  If the offense missed the shot, everyone did the exercise.



Really enjoyed the workout today.  Its great to Mix it up every once in a while.   Misfire complained the whole time, but he does that anyway.