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May the Fourth Be With You

21 faithful posted in the Columbia gloom on National Star Wars Day for a tandem beat down from Chaser and Sway. May the 4th be with you.

Conditions: 61 degrees and overcast

The Thang:

Sway: Warmup lap around DHS

SSH x20
LBC x20
Merkins x15
Imperial Walkers x20
Freddie Mercury x20
Squats x20
Little Arm Circles x20
Power Jumps x15

Chaser: Lap around DHS, stop and end line of lower field
Jacobs Ladder: 100 yds plus burpee countdown from 7 to 1
Plank when finished while other pax complete
[T-claps here to Jazz – refused to quit]

Sway: Mosey to Heartbreaker’s Brickpile, retrieve block and bricks
Curls x15 (Cheesy guest Q)
Rows x15
Arm Flutters front(bricks) x20
Arm Flutters side (bricks) x22
Shoulder Flys with bricks, on block x25
Block grips R/L until failure
Curls x15
Merkins on Block x8
Asstastic Planks on Block x20
Little arm Circles x20

Chaser: Run to Great Wall
People’s Chair x:90
Decline Merkins (feet on wall) x15
People’s Chair x:90
Low Flutter Kicks x25

Single File Line, run to Hollywood Squares:
Zipper x4
Box Jumps x20
Incline Merkins x15

Ball of Man: Seeker led closing prayer


  • FNG showed up and asked “Is this F-troop?”
  • Solid tandem workout. My shoulders were burning
  • Discussions of expanding and adding additional workouts has begun. General consensus is we will add M/W/F workouts with specific function, e.g. Only running at Owen’s Field Track, yoga/stretching/core, F3Gears, kettlebells,etc.
  • Heavy participation anticipated for May 11 Get In the Pink Race. Significant donation also anticipated.
  • Kettlebell bulk order discussed. Tajh is co-ordinating for Columbia order — we will tag team with Charlotte order.




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