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Lexicon Ring Run Through Heathwood

21.5 faithful arrived in the #gloom around the virtual #ShovelFlag (because Sway hit the snooze one time too many) Tuesday for a ring-run-pain-party lead by Chaser who put on his #SmokeBoots this morning.

Conditions: 52 degrees and overcast

[NOTE: This #Backblast was written by Chaser.]

#BoldHashtags denote official F3 Lexicon. We need to up our Lexicon game in Columbia. This lexicon can be found here http://f3nation.com/lexicon/#s
The #Thang:

SSH x 25 (4 count)
Merkins x 10 (4 count)
V-up x 15 (2 count)
Pick a partner of similar ability for 2 mile #RingRun through Heathwood. Each partner counts the other’s reps on each set at Pain Stations for #smokesession accountability.
Loop: COT- Through the #PanHandleDaisies of the lower field – Adger-Deveraux-Kilbourne-Cassina-Adger-COT in #DoubleApplesauce formation. Hold the sauce.
1st stop – Adger/Deveraux
30 sec Merkins – Partner count – Switch
30 sec Sit-up – Partner count – Switch
#RinseAndRepeat for 4 total sets per Partner

2nd stop – Deveraux/Heathwood Circle
30 sec Prisoner/Spiderman Merkin – Partner count – Switch
30 sec Iron cross – Partner count – Switch
30 sec Clap Merkin – Partner count – Switch
30 sec Iron twist – Partner count – Switch

3rd stop – Deveraux/Kilbourne
30 sec Carolina Dry Dock – Partner count – Switch
30 sec reverse crunch – Partner count – Switch
30 sec Dive Bomber Merkin – Partner count – Switch
30 sec Burpees – Partner count – Switch

4th stop – Heathwood Circle/Cassina
30 sec Merkins – Partner count – Switch
30 sec sit-up – Partner count – Switch

5th stop – Cassina/Adger
Plank while waiting for several #Emotional LarryDrews to rejoin the pax. Once we had #Loddy-Doddy-Everybody:
Merkins x 5 (2 count halfway down, pause, down, pause, up. Rinse Repeat)

Big Finish:
150 yard sprint to the COT. Finish strong.


#Ball of Man: Chaser led closing prayer praying specifically for Woody and his family as his wife fights breast cancer.

Moleskin, aka #Naked Man Moleskin:

§ 1.5 #FNGs this morning. Welcome to Okra. The other half of an FNG is another story. He shall remain nameless but word has it he was just another typical #LeggyKid. It was not until the COT that the Q learned that this FNG had pulled a #Jonah and abandoned ship halfway through and #Un-assed the workout. Perhaps he was about to spill some #RecycledMerlot? This FNG shall remain nameless until such time as he completes a post. He was a chronic #REMF prior to today. Maybe back to the #Fern with him? Or just the #Fartsack? Time will tell. Additional #EmotionalHeadlocks will be administered.

§ Solid Ring Run this morning. Very little #MumbleChatter from the #Pax after the first Pain Station. Mainly #EmotionalCrickets with the occasional grunt. Chaser got his #GED in pain from The Citadel. Good effort today from the Pax. No # Refuseniks spotted though there was some #WhiskeyDicking going on. Room for improvement.

§ Sway made a solid attempt at a #BillyZane to a perceived #Golum but was rather harshly rebuffed when he tried to pet the alarmed man’s dog. The dog bite statute does not protect overzealous #Pax apparently.

§ Respect to Crawlspace who shows up day in and day out and puts in work with great #Zeal. Tons of # HardDick and Bubblegum that guy has. Another solid post in the books.

§ Discussions of expanding and adding additional workouts has begun. General consensus is we will add M/W/F workouts with specific function, e.g. Only running at Owen’s Field Track, yoga/stretching/core, F3Gears, kettlebells,etc.

§ Heavy participation anticipated for May 11 Get In the Pink Race. Significant donation also anticipated. SIGN UP NOW ONLINE at http://www.strictlyrunning.com/gpscrlgnreg-9f.asp to avoid race day confusion. We will have a 20 minute warm-up and then #mosey over to the starting line just off campus. Those who do not run will be left to their own devices to be determined Saturday morning.

§ Kettlebell bulk order discussed. Tajh is co-ordinating for Columbia order — we will tag team with Charlotte order.

0 thoughts on “Lexicon Ring Run Through Heathwood”

  1. A few things:
    1) Great work today as usual Chaser. You are becoming a solid leader of men.
    2) The Lexicon tags in the backblast are awesome.
    3) I have been trying for a #BillyZane for 7 months. I thought today was the day. Warmer weather and earlier sunrises bode well for future attempts.
    4) I would have arrived on time this morning — despite my snooze issue — had I not been briefly detained by a snot-nosed cadet of the Columbia Police Department and not one but TWO of his snot-nosed companions. To passers by, I am sure the scene was reminiscent of the apprehension of a serial killer or a quadruple homicide. In the end, Snot Nose issued me a warning citation for changing lanes without signaling. They were fishing and came up empty.
    5) When — and if (big if) — .5 FNG returns, his nickname will be “Bail Out.”

  2. T-Claps to Sled for pushing me through…the thought of the War Daddy out working me was motivational…I tried, but could not keep up with the man….the partner thing was a great idea Chaser…

  3. Sway, hasn’t heard the story about getting pulled. They couldn’t tell that you always knock back a few right before F3? You got lucky.

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