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Little #MumbleChatter in the #IronYard

There was little #MumbleChatter in the #Iron Yard this morning as 7 PAX pushed through two reps of a tough circuit.  Cool temp with a light breeze.  Lots of work for the upper body.  Here’s the Thang.

Warm up:  Touch Toes stretch (x2), Side Straddle Hop (x20) in cadence, Imperial Walkers (x20) in cadence, Mountain Climbers (x20) in cadence, hold Plank, low Plank, amped-up mosey to the brick pile and set out blocks (team work), amped-up mosey to the dip prop to begin circuit.

The Circuit: First Stop: Dips (x20) OYO, Plank to wait for the six, Merkins (x20) four count in cadence, Flutter Kicks (x20) four count in cadence, Diamond Merkins (x10) four count in cadence, Russian Twists (x20) four count in cadence, Wide Arm Merkins (x10) four count in cadence, amped-up mosey to the second stop.

Second Stop: all excercises with kettlebells: Double Arm Swings (x20) OYO, Goblet Copper Head Squats with overhead press (x20) in cadence, Single Arm Bench Press (x10 each arm) in cadence, Russian Twist (x20) four count in cadence, amped-up mosey to Third Stop.

Third Stop: all excercises with blocks: Overhead Press (x20) four count in cadence, Show Curls (x20) four count in cadence, Lower Half-Curls (x10) four count in cadence, Upper Half-Curls (x10) four count in cadence, Iron Sharpens Iron Bench Press (x9.5) with progressive resistance applied by partner, switch up and repeat, amped-up mosey back to the beginning.

90 second rest in the Peoples’ Chair.  Rinse and Repeat the circuit.

Amped-up mosey back to the COT.

BOM – closed out by YHC with a devotion on the common source of conflict: pride

Moleskin: YHC truncated the second round to make up for time.  Strong work by all.

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