• When: 12-10-2015
  • QIC: Hall Pass
  • The PAX: Stirrups, Major Pain, Reload, Cialis, Revco, Seesaw, Carvel, Light Bill, Holy Water, Elvis, Spider Monkey, Anthracic, Squirrel, Slag, Tuber, Stinzel, Rafter, Chicken, Meal Plan, Hall Pass

Grab Bag

Warm up jog:

Jumping Jacks     (IC) 15

LBC’s                    (IC) 15

Plank Jacks                   (IC) 15

Little Arm Circles (IC) 20

Jog to Middle School

Grab Bag, pull and exercise out of the bag 20 reps run to top of hill and back to bottom 10 more reps of the exercise:

Mountain Climbers (IC)
LBC’s (IC)
Squats (IC)
Merkins       (OYO)
Freedom Twist (IC)
Freddie Mercury (IC)
Imperial Walker (IC)
Big Boy Crunch (IC)
Lunges (each leg as one)
Rosaleta’s (IC)
High Knees (each leg as one)
Box Cutters (IC)
Iron Crosses     (partner UP)
Jump Squats       (OYO)

Mosey to flag:

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