• When: 2018-01-27
  • QIC: Enterprise
  • The PAX: Drummer Boy, Training Wheels(Respect), Spokes(Respect), Heisenberg(Respect), Enterprise, Bonafide, (FNG no longer)Bookworm

Enterprise Q to finish Triple. 1/27

YHC was already smoked. Due to work issues I could not attend Grow school or the Tough to happen later at night. So Dawnstrike, and Brickpile convergence, then over to F3TheMission for an Enterprise beat down. I say that to honor my brothers who posted with me and pushed me. As an OGM graduate, F3 means the world to me and I wouldn’t trade these circles for anything else. No drug can match the feeling you get when you enter a COP to COT.

Enterprise starts with disclaimer and beginning prayer.


First up. COP led by Spokes and Bonafides first bit of Qing.

SSH ×20 IC

Ballerina squats ×20 IC and I must say it was hilarious to watch everyone plie’


Through the Tunnel ×20 IC


The Thang:

Fast mosey across the park.

5 burpees OYO

On your six for LBCs×10

Bear Crawl to set of benches.

Inclined merkins ×10 IC

Fast mosey to stairs and up about halfway to fountain.

Crab walk down second set and 10 merkins OYO at the bottom.

YHC was still out of breath from Brickpile convergence. So a 10 count breather was called.

Fast mosey to second set of stairs.

Bear Crawl up steps to Grassy Knoll. 5 burpees OYO.

Finish bear crawl up remaining stairs for 5 more burpees OYO.

Drummer Boy, Training Wheels, and I threw some scriptures, some ideas, and the importance of F3 at the pax.

Fast mosey over to Lincoln Street I believe.

Wagon wheel to gather up the stragglers.

5 more burpees.

Fast mosey to set of trees lining the bike path.

Time for a couple ladders.

Start at first tree. Bear Crawl to next tree. Start with 5 squats. Continue the bear crawl.

Every tree add 1 squat. Ended on 12 squats.

Wait for pax. Oops. We left the rucks at the other end. We have to go get them.

Same thing. Bear crawl back. Stopping at each tree. 1 squat thrust. Add one at each tree.

(Squat thrust is a burpee without the merkin)

Proud of these guys. No matter your personal speed, we all finished strong and together.


Jailbreak to the flag.


Time to meet Mary.

On your six.

Flutter kicks×15 IC

Military press(Air press without ruck)×10 IC

Flutter kicks×15 IC

Military press×10 IC

Flutter kicks×15 IC

Military press×10 IC

Flutter kicks×15 IC

Military press×10 IC

Flutter kicks×15 IC

Military press×10 IC



Count o rama (7)

Name o rama

AAR: I received a lot of positive feedback. Intense Q. And everyone loves using the entire park versus staying in one place.



I’m very proud and excited about what God, OGM, and the guys who make up that circle are doing. A lot of good things happening to and for these men. Friday was graduation at OGM and milestones in the F3 circle was recognized.