• When: 2019-02-19
  • QIC: Zima
  • The PAX: Billy Bob, Collar, Eldrick, Pink Man, Boo Boo, McNugget, Duckie, Apple, Walley, Flow, Deville, On Ramp, Cabana Boy, Stretch

Diamond Action on this cool and crisp morning.

Solid 15 this am for Zima’s, second go at the Q.  PAX thought the theme would have something to do with Tennessee for some reason.  YHC instead threw a curve ball to the PAX just a little odd numbers and multiples of 3, for baseball season finally starting up this past weekend.

Conditions: 48 degrees with a little crisp breeze this am

Warm Up

Start off with the SSH, yea i know a weird number of 27 reps, more to come on that.  Next was the Bur pee’s 9 on your own. Then a quick little jog around the corner. Down to Briarfield and left on to Satchelford to lla Ln . 27 air squats, 21 LBC, 9 Merkin hand release. Then run back to Briarfield and repeat 27,21,9. Mossey over to get the blocks and head to the diamond.

The Thang

The field of dreams! Start off and pair up, partner one starts on the 90, 180, 270 workout. (YHC was the odd man out had to tackle it by himself with little help at the end)  90 kettle bell swings, 180 block bench press, 270 air squats combined.  Partner 2 starting from home plate lunge walk to the first cone, then broad jump to the second cone, then runs the famous, Foul poll to foul poll run and then back in to cone on left field line, then side shuffle to cone, 180 turn, and shuffle back to home plate and tag your partner to switch. Continue till get all of the reps knocked out.  Next up a little suicide to first cone then back, then to second cone and back, then to fence and back.  Suicide number 2 first cone and back, second cone and back. Now for a little abs: 27 big boy sit ups and 27 LBC.  Return blocks and back to AO.

Meeting back at the AO to finish up with some little baby arm circle’s 1 min going forward and then 1 min going backwards. Last by not least catcher squat 180 turn for 1 min to finish everyone off.