• When: 07/11/2015
  • QIC: Hall Pass
  • The PAX: Filpper;Flux; HArd Drive; Toe Tag; Break 19; Squirrel; Seallis; Revco; Full Monty; Lunch Lady; Devo; Sambony; Sturips; Ring Worm; Mingo; Hall Pass Please keep Dirt Bag in your prayers, he is out with medical issue for a while.

Build up/down work out

Warm up jog

Do each exercise below and adda level to it each round until you get to the 50 side startle hops then you decend the order until you are finished

Burpees      2

Big Boy Crunch   5

Merckins             10

Squats                 15

Mountain Climber 20

Freedom Twist       25

Freddie Mercury     30

LBC’s                         35

Imperial Walker       40

Plank                        45

Side Startle Hop        50

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