• When: 2019-06-06
  • QIC: BackDraft
  • The PAX: Backdraft, Cesspool, Spot, Tin Tin, Schweddy, Mud Dawg, Welcome Week, PaperBoy, Oscar, Betamax, Biggie Smalls, LugNut, Mclovin, Boris, Noonan, Insanity, Jenny, Pop tart, Strudel, Prettyboy, Improv, Woody, Seeker, Love Bug, Full Monty, Cheesy, and Cutler

Backdraft serves Thunder a D-Day Remembrance for the Ages

27 PAX met Backdraft for an incredibly well plan and executed Q in remembrance of the 75th anniversary of D-Day .

Conditions: 74 degrees and a touch humid

The Thang:

Backdraft assembled the PAX into a formation of three lines perfectly spaced

The training phase:


20 merkins  IC

Flutter kicks IC

10 merkins IC

PAX march in Formation with Back Draft calling the cadence

Order for double time given and the formation run had begun including YHC leading with the flag

Backdraft, Cesspool, and Tin Tin all took turns with call and response cadences that included these original verses from Cess:

“Momma Told Subbie not to go down town

F3 recruiter had been hangin around”

“Shamu’s lead was for a short time

He’s got pecs bigger than mine”

“Now paperboy is getting real lean

shows up to thunder with his tank top clean”

I am sure our friends in Shandon LOVED it too

Pax returned to the Track

10 merkins and 10 squats sprint half lap

20 merkins 20 squats sprint half lap

Execution phase:

Backdraft lined the pax up on one end of the field and explained what landing in Normandy was like and gave the order to commence our own assault across the field including running, diving, rolling, high and low crawls.

” i’m up! they see me! I’m doowwn!” ROLL!  Low crawl! I’m up!  repeated across the field until all pax had crossed

Debrief Phase:

Spot kicked off the debrief with talking about General Eisenhower and his decision making before the landing. Schweddy then stepped in to tell us the story of his Great Uncle Major Thomas Howie and ordinary men doing extraordinary things

Finally a toast to all who gave their life on that fateful day in 1944

T claps to Backdraft for an extremely well planned and executed Q several PAX called it the best Thunder ever.


F3 Dads starts 6/14 at 0700 at Hand

Crazy Train Starts 6/24

Convergence at Sawmill July 13th at 0700 (Clown car options available from Hand)