• When: 2017-10-17
  • QIC: Ash
  • The PAX: Silver Bullet, Ash, Odyssey, Teddy, Pipeline, Chewy, Pampers, Pondo, Heidi, Fox Hole, Stretch, Flip Shade

A Trip to Indian Mound (Delayed post for 10/17 workout)

The Thang:

Jog to Indian Mound. Stop along the way for SSH x26 in cadence. Imperial Walkers x26 in cadence.

Indian Mound. Partner Up. Bottom of the hill: Partner 1 plan while Partner 2 5 Burpees. Jog to top. Each partner completes 10 leg up exercise with partner pushing feet. Rinse and repeat until time.

Regroup at bottom of hill. 10 Merkins in cadence. Plank. Bear Crawl up Indian Mound. Halfway up, switch to walking lounges up Indian Mound.

Jog back. Stop along the way for Squats x26. Jog back to start.

Announcements. Prayer and dismissal.