• When: 2019-02-12
  • QIC: Snowden
  • The PAX: Sled, Ripcord, BallBoy, Goose, Nails, OBC, Smokescreen, Hustler, Woody, and a welcome to Lumens.

11 PAX post for Snowden led SCORE in the muggy winter gloom

To the steps
30 count SSH in cadence
30 count Imperial Walkers
LBAC 20 count Each Forward, Back, and Raise the Roof
20 count Incline Merkins in cadence
Pickle Pointer hold for 45 seconds
15 count Reverse Incline Merkins (aka Decline Merkins)
30 count LBC

Bricks and Blocks to the courtyard

Repeat this twice
30 count Alternating Arm raises
20 count Squats with Bricks
20 count Big Boy Sit ups
Pickle Pointer hold for 45 seconds
20 count Bench Press in cadence
30 count Flutter Kick

Island Cruise
20 Step ups each leg OYO
15 Dips in cadence

30 count Alternating Arm Raises
20 squats OYO

Put em up
To the wall to watch Brickpile’s merkin form

COT and a welcome to F3 Lumens