• When: 04/13/2017
  • QIC: Schrute
  • The PAX: Schrute, Harper Valley, Lizard Man, Mayhem, Schneider, Ratched, Wojo, Sully, Wifi, Coug, Weed, Hope Solo, DuFresne, Sakajewea, Cornwallis, Stats, Barry, Flight Risk, Big Load

Schrute Scoot & Boogie

Read Psalm 23 in honor of Holy Week – “The Lord is my shepherd”.Weather – A clear 55 degrees and perfect for a boogie.

  • Q very nervous at this point and almost forgets the disclaimer, but thanks to one of our resident attorneys (arriving last minute) Hope Solo gives the reminder. And we are off….
  • Mosey to open space in park and circle up for a little Warm O Rama

Wood choppers X 23 (IC)  Q throws up in his mouth at this point
Mercans X 10 (OYO)
LBAC X 23 Forward (IC)
LBAC X 23 Reverse (IC)
Bobby Hurley’s X 10 (OYO)THE THANG-Pax to Mosey to intersection of Lyttleton and Chesnut
-Pax to run to corner of Fair and Chesnut (23 Mercans, 46 Flutterkicks)(Hold air chair waiting on the 6)-Pax to run to corner of Fair and Rectory Square (Repeat exercise)
-Pax to run to corner of Rectory Square and Lyttleton (Repeat exercise)
-Pax to run to old bus circle/synagogue and do 23 American Hammers (OYO)-Pax to run to Elementary School for a little DORA (with a partner).
One  partner runs the bus circle while the other performs called exercise.
100 LBC’s per group
200 Squats per group
300 SSH’s per group-Pax to mosey to vacant lot on Fair St. (Mountain climbers X 23 OYO, Plank  shoulder taps X 23 OYO.)  Hold plank until the 6 arrives.-Pax to mosey back to park and circle up for some Jack Webb’s.   Continue with the three called exercises for the remaining 5 minutes….over and overSquats X 10LBC’s X 10SSH’s X 10-Pax to mosey to Shovel Flag for Count O Rama, COT, BOMAnnouncements-Next Wednesday 4/19 @ 5:30PM is a meet and greet at Camden High for everyone to meet Brian Rimph (Flight Risk) our new AD/Head football coach at CHS.-New coffeteria meeting place for Saturday breakfasts will be at Carolina Café located in the Granary.  (On Clyburn Ln. between Market and Broad Streets.)-It’s not too late to sign up for the Clinic Classic 5K benefiting the Kershaw County Free Medical Clinic.  Just contact Cornwallis and he will get you registered.  Many of your F3 brothers are participating.-Ratched is working with the United Way on a future project that has to do with gardening and sustainability.  More to come on this and thanks for stepping up Ratched.

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