• When: 02/23/17
  • QIC: Timber
  • The PAX: Ponzi, Lizard Man(FNG), Mayhem, Major Gas, Sacajawea, Big Load, Harper Valley, Barry, Snookie, Wojo, Schrute, DuFresne, Sanford, Peach, Stats, Hope Solo, Wambach, Cornwallis, Rocket, Timber

Lost in the Triangle

Conditions: 54 degrees, and mildI will admit to having a rather sleepless night prior to my first Q. I was busy trying to control all the scenarios going on in my head. I had thoughts like, “What if I have a record crowd and I run out of benches for this section?” and “Is there enough lighting in the park for the circuit?” I found what I really needed to ask myself was, “Can I make it out of this darned Bermuda Triangle circuit I installed in the middle of the park on my first Q?” The routine looked a lot more fun on the F3 website than in reality. It was a real challenge, but the crew eventually made it out of the troubled waters of Rectory Square afloat. He’s how we sailed.DisclaimerCOP
Warm up:
Arm circles IC x 15, Backwards 15, Overhead raises x 15
Wood choppers IC x 20
Imperial Walkers IC x 20The Voyage:
-Corner of Fair and Rectory
20 Merkins OYO
15 Squats IC
20 LBC’s OYO-Corner of Rectory and Lyttleton
20 Merkins OYO
15 Squats IC
20 LBC’s OYO-Corner of Lyttleton and Chesnut
15 Bobby Hurleys IC (in honor of Wojo)
20 SSH’s IC
10 Carolina Drydocks ICBearmuda Triangle (3 cone circuit 30 yards apart)
1. Two laps: Bear Crawl/Jog (alternating between cones): first cone (3 burpees) second cone (4 burpees) third cone (5 burpees)
2. Two laps: lunge walk/jog/lunge walk to each cone. First cone 10 mountain climbers 2nd cone 20 Mt. Climbers third cone 30 Mt. Climbers.
3. Final lap: jog/crab crawl/jog to each cone. 5 bbsu’s 1st, 10 bbsu’s second cone and 15 bbsu’s third cone.-Move to Fountain for dips and step ups.
Partner up. Goal to complete 150 dips while partner does AMAP stepups.-Tennis court: Merkin suicides
Line up on doubles sideline. First line 2 merkins, second line 4, third 6, fourth 8, fifth 10.COP-
Dealers Choice: Q started with 15 Russian Twists IC. Hope Solo stepped up and called Alphabet to the moans of the Pax. Snooki cooled us down with arm circles until time.COTCountorama-Welcomed FNG “Lizard Man”AnnouncementsCornwallis reminds Pax that Schrute’s run group meets at 5:30 and seven met last time. Run on your own tomorrow. Polo will be with us Saturday to help again. He asks Pax to keep workouts in mind for their turn at Q. Cornwallis gives a brief explanation of F3 for the FNG’s that have joined us recently. Timber adds that the faith aspect of F3 is a belief in something greater than us and that it normally takes the form of a Christian prayer. He notes that he and F3 will respect silence before leading the group in the Lord’s Prayer.Remarks: I really appreciated the effort and support displayed this morning. It was an honor to lead.

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