• When: 2020-12-01
  • QIC: Emmy
  • The PAX: Finch, Bunkbed, PETA, Flea, Honey Bun (R), Ebert, TriDelta, Katniss (R), Brainiac, Emmy(Q)

You can Q too

Conditions 34F and windy

No FNGs 



The thang, 

Emmy signed up to Q, well not really,  I think Brainiac just signed him up. Anyway,  Emmy gave the 1 minute warning got us going. 

Emmy decided to search for a wind block near the building but that didn’t seem to work very well.  

Warm up with a variety of standard warm up exercises of various reps and cadences.  Some good mumble chatter thrown in for good measure(mostly by Brainiac). 

Emmy decided to mosey to a new location which did provide more cover from the wind or maybe we had just warmed up and didn’t notice. 

Circle up and 10 pax took turns calling out exercises of various reps, cadences, time counts etc.

Some that I can recall ….

Wall sits with one leg held out in front 30 secs each side , Ebert 

Burpees 15 called by Brainiac several times during the round about 

Balls to the wall timed , Honey Bun 

Plank Jacks TriDelta

Wide, regular, diamond merkin complex by Flea

Copperhead squats, Emmy 

Bicycles (Freddie Mercurys) by PETA

Bear crawl out and back / Indian run by Finch

Flutter kicks by Bunkbed 

Plank hydraulics,  Katniss 

And many more as the circle of pain continued.   

Mosey back to shovel flag .


Emmy encourages the pax to sign up and Q showing how a simple Q can work and get the pax involved.  Good way to learn new or unfamiliar exercises and their names.

Count o rama and name o rama 


Lexington SAFE run see tweets/dm board

Lexington Brew Ruck see DM/twitter

Trash pick up Saturday 5th keep eye on Dm board for ongoing info

Shirt order complete with 12 or 13 ordered 


Many ongoing 

Flea daughter,  god daughter 

Brainiacs co workers child and neighbor passing 

Steamers son 

PETAs sons health and treatment 

Many more,  cobains for my forgetfulness but God knows each one.

God bless us

Your brother


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