• When: 2018-05-26
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Puck, Caboose, Swayze, Mermaid, Matlock, Happy Trees

The Ruck Before The Storm

YHC wanted to treat the Smokehouse PAX to a Ruck BC before some of them headed off to The Mission for one heck of a beating…we will get to that a little later. After Sweet Baby Swayze finally showed up we had 5 PAX Ruck ready and 1 PAX not so Ruck ready, have you ever seen a Mermaid carry a block for about honor. WE HAVE, and it is super majestic! We rucked around Smokehouse stopping at several nostalgic sites for some pain stations and even had a 2 minute AMRAP for Merkins where no one was a winner, but everyone got better. Except for Swayze whom at this point had no less than 3 geriatric or Cialis jokes aimed at our boy Matlock. Apparently erectile disfunction pills don’t help bear crawls according to one of our obviously smarter PAX. Tclaps to Puck on his first Saturday WO long overdue and to Caboose who doesn’t whine when he has to get dirty and who also can follow very simple directions. Unlike someone else who we WILL NOT name here, but his initials are SBS (see sentence 2). YHC was happy to get a good laugh this morning especially before Enterprise dropped a burpee big boy on everyone at The Mission the likes no-one has ever seen.

As always we joke around a lot at Smokehouse and our mumble chatter is a huge part of who we are here. We do get out of hand and have to reel each other back in. Thank you brothers for keeping each other in check the best we can and for being there for each other when it really matters. God Bless.

Conditions: Calm before the storm



COP: TTT x12IC, Windmill x12IC, SSH x20IC, Front Clap x10IC.

Ruck to get Mermaids baby….Ruck back to Ole Smokey 10 oyo Merkins at the base. 10 Imperial Walkers IC.

Partner up with pre designated Partner. P1 starts doing Squats at the bottom and P2 runs to the top. When P2 reaches the top he begins Merkins. When P2 starts the Merkins P1 runs to take over the Merkins and P2 runs to the bottom and begins Squats. P1 runs to bottom to take over squats. REPEAT until time is called.

Ruck to the Happiest Trees at Smokehouse. P1 Wall sits on tree with Ruck in lap while P2 Runs to opposite tree line and bear crawls back. Flapjack and repeat until time is called.

Ruck to the Rock. Circle up for a COP. 10 T Merkins OYO, 20 BBS OYO, 10 Indian Style OH press IC, 20 BBS, 10 Merkins OYO, 10 Indian Style OH Press, 10 Merkins.

Ruck down Hash Hill into the Pit. P1 does 2 minute Amrap Merkins while P2 counts his Merkins. Flapjack.

As fast as you can back up Hash Hill for 5 burpees at the top.

TIME. Mosey back to flag



Annoucements: Memorial Day Murph 6 am Smokehouse. Pitmaster Tuesday. Ranger visits Thursday.  Haynes at Rooster Friday.

Prayer Requests: SK, Matlocks family