• When: 2019-11-12
  • QIC: Trickle
  • The PAX: Trickle - Navy Bean (Respect), CDV, FlexSeal

The MURPH- … Thank you @F3_CAT

Conditions – Perfect @ 53 Degrees


Mosey to the track for warmup – SSH, TTT, LBAC – 10 Reps

The MURPH – Ran 4 laps on track

100 Flutter kicks – 3 count

200 Merkins

300 Squats

1 more mile –  Called Time.

Conditions were perfect for a Tribute to LT Michael Murphy – US Navy SEAL who gave his Life for this Great Country during Operation Red Wings in 2005. He made the Ultimate Sacrifice while trying to save his Team and was awarded the Medal of Honor Posthumously. It is ironic we have 4 PAX and he was on a 4 man Team that day. I felt a little extra push and enjoyed the workout. TClaps to Captain Hornsby – aka Navy Bean for extra effort and Fellowship. Romeo Echo Sierra Papa Echo Charlie Tango… Bravo Whiskey Sierra… Tango Yankee – Thank you (LT Murphy’s last words) I had the Honor of meeting Marcus Luttrell at the Patriot Tour in Charleston SC, my Company was a Sponsor and his Team was nice enough to get 6 of us backstage and what an Event. Skinner….Out.