• When: 2018-06-27
  • QIC: CapGun
  • The PAX: All F3 AOs are welcome

Pre-Blast: Crazy Train at Stumble

Stumble is humbled (see what I did there) to host a portion of the F3 Columbia Crazy Train for a 10K.

If you don’t know about the Crazy Train – read this first:


Date: Wednesday 6/27
Time: 05:30 AM (Following the Armory at Stumble AO for just this week)
Location: Woodland Park (parking lot by the gym / Meadowfield Elementary on Olde Knight)

The route:
This is a route we run as a qualification periodically. It’s difficult. There are hills. Actually, it’s uphill both ways. You will wonder why you are doing this about mile 3.

Some course notes:
Martha’s Glen Road to Indian Mound is a series of three subtle and not-so-subtle hills that wind along the edge of the Woodlands Neighborhood above Gills Creek. You get a short reprieve on a long gentle barely downhill downhill until you meet our M.O.M. That’s the ”Mother of Martha” Segment of Garner’s Ferry Road. But the hill somehow keeps going until you pass the VA Hospital to enter the neighborhood again. Enjoy!

Please be cautious on Garner’s Ferry Road, because it is a busy road and will require you to cross through a few traffic lights. People may or may not be awake at that hour. STOP if you need to, don’t race a car. Light and reflective clothing is STRONGLY encouraged as well as illumination.

The leaderboard. Course record is 39:48 by Hot tub.

I am going to attempt to mark the course the night before with signs like this at some turns that may be confusing when you are running full-out in the dark, BUT DO NOT RELY ON THIS ALONE. I can’t guarantee someone won’t take a sign down or it won’t get blown away. Please Study the directions and the course map.

START onto Olde Knight Parkway
RIGHT onto Galway Lane
RIGHT onto Saye Cut
RIGHT onto Old Woodlands Road
LEFT onto Hampton Ridge Road
BEAR LEFT onto Marthas Glen Road (at flagpole)
Proceed on Marthas Glen Road (down big hill) – road name changes to Indian Mound Road
LEFT onto Old Woodlands Road (top of another in a series of big hills)
LEFT on Garners Ferry Road (at Circle K)
LEFT onto Pelham Drive (after Verizon Store)
Proceed on Pelham Drive, road name changes to Gills Creek Parkway
RIGHT onto Rosewood Drive
RIGHT onto Garners Ferry Road
Proceed up Garners Ferry Road Hill “MOTHER OF MARTHA – M.O.M.”
Continue PAST Circle K and PAST VA Hospital
RIGHT onto Veterans Road
RIGHT (Bear Right) onto Byron Road (Hug the perimeter of the hospital property)
RIGHT onto Wormwood Lane
LEFT onto Galway Lane
RIGHT onto Olde Knight Parkway