• When: 2022-02-17
  • QIC: Ash
  • The PAX: Silent Bob, Silver Bullet, Odyssey, Quartermaster, Backstop, Teddy, Pipeline, Side Salad, Ash ... + a Jar Jar cameo

Posted for the warm weather … stayed for the modified mini Murph?

Weather: absolutely beautiful out … 57 degrees

Not a single PAX was complaining about the unseasonably warm weather this morning at Woodshed. The morning started off strong with 8 PAX arriving by car … plus Quartermaster arriving on foot and a Jar Jar cameo on foot. (Once he saw the Slaughter Starter he excused himself … )

The Thang:


Slaughter Starter – 20 burpees OYO

Side straddle hop – x20 in cadence

Through the tunnel – x15 in cadence

Arm circles forward & backward – x10 in cadence


Mosey to the lower playground …

Modified Murph

2 laps around the dirt path

20 pullups

40 pushups

60 squats

2 laps around the dirt path

Plank series while waiting for the 6


Mosey to the tennis courts …

Grinders (borrowed this from FiA actually!)

Groups of 3 … partner 1 at sideline of tennis court 1, partner 2 at sideline of tennis court 2, partner 3 ready to run from partner 1 to partner 2

All 3 sets lasted about 12 minutes. Each group always had one partner running from one side to the other, while the other partners did various exercises. When the running partner reaches a sideline, the partners swap.

Set 1: big boy sit ups & shoulder taps

Set 2: Carolina dry docks & side straddle hops

Set 3: iron crosses & stationary lunges

Mosey Back to the flag …

Closed out the bootcamp with 10 burpees OYO and a quick set of Boat/Canoe as a group.





Quote shared / discussed:

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

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