• When: 2019-09-19
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Emmy, Scribble, Brainiac, Katniss (QIC,R)

IronPax Remix wks1,2,3

Conditions cooler, less humid 66°F



Pledge of Allegiance


IPC has opened our eyes to just how comfortable we can get in our AO workouts. Not saying we don’t work hard but neglecting to push a little harder makes us all weaker.  Each month we have The Sausage Factory AMRAP which is a butt kicker and reminds us of where we are physically. Its good to have these type workouts to make us accountable to the first F.  We missed Deadstick this morning as he was proctor at Snakepit for IPC wk3 and just recovering from heart surgery.  Brainiac(AOQ) and Rosey(AO mascot) worked alongside us and encouraged the 6. Scribble showed up not knowing what to expect (Twitterless), Emmy worked hard, Ebert was missed as his M is out of town.

Heres what went down,

Warm up

SSH 10ic

LBAC 10/10ic

TTT  fully erect 10 ic

Imp walkers 10 ic

Get blocks

Return of the Killer Bs 11s with bonus rounds from wks 2 and 3.

Burpees 10
Bear crawl 11 strides count each time R hand touches ground
Broad jumps 1

Repeat above decreasing burpees and increasing BJumps until reps reverse.  Bear crawl between sets.  Do same for next set of exercises

Bonnie Blairs 10
Bear crawl 11 strides R hand to ground


1 round of IPC week 3
3 sets decrease by 5s

10 pull ups 10,5,1
15 coupon jump burpees 15,10,5
20 block curls 20,15,10
25 block thrusters 25,20,15
30 gas pumps 30,25,20

Time constraints  limited these rounds but we completed all at least once.

1 round of IPC wk 2

2 rounds decreased by 1/2

10 block burpees 10,1
20 OH press 20,10
30 block swings 30,15
40 goblet squats 40,20
50 incline merkins 50,25

Time left? Run 1600 meters….no time carry blocks back to block pile.



F3 Mentor program- reach out to [email protected] to get more info and signed up

9/20/19 Tunnels to Tower 5K

9/21/19 “9/11 Challenge” at Smokehouse

11/16 Lexington half/Cheech 10— K Be on look out fir a discount code coming your way

11/23/19 Hairy Bison 15K (Free)


Emmys M work and school

Ebert home alone

Scribble job situation

Brainiac recovery

Deadstick recovering from heart surgery

All unspoken (we all have them)

Great work men!


Proverbs 14:23 All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

I remember when this verse first jumped out at me.  We were listening to a former pro basketball player as he did a demonstration and gave a talk for the High School kids at the school where I work.  He talked about the time he started playing college basketball and how he was not getting much court time.  In that situation he was whining and griping about his playing time.  His coach knew it, so he got even less playing time.  He eventually ran across this passage and it stuck with him.  He began to change his attitude and work harder in practice.  He stayed after for extra drills and shooting.  Low and behold, his playing time increased.  God spoke to him through that verse and it came to life for him.

I have seen this time and again in my life as well.  When I sit on the “sidelines” of life and complain, nothing much gets done.  When I put my effort into what I am doing…amazing, my attitude is better and things get moving.  I have watched it happen with athletes I have coached as well.   I have watched or listened to the complainers while the hard workers played more.  Some of the complainers stayed complaining.  They never got it.  And, they played very little and blamed me for it.

That leads me to a side note.  I have noticed that those who continue to blame others for their circumstance are never satisfied and never “get ahead”.  They change jobs frequently blaming the boss, the company, the co-workers, etc.  Or they hop churches citing poor worship, poor preaching, poor ministries, etc.   However, these people never look into the mirror and see that if they would just change their attitude, things might just get better.  Know anyone like that?  I have to watch myself and check to see if that is what I am doing…blaming others for my circumstance instead of looking at my own attitude.  When we act like this, we may not be in financial poverty, but we are in emotional and attitudinal poverty for sure.

I do want to note that the profit talked about here may not be merely monetary either.  The profit may be peace of mind, compassion, a new attitude, a new opportunity, etc.  The next time you catch yourself feeling you are getting the raw end of a deal or you feel yourself blaming others for your circumstances remember this verse:   “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only

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Your brother,