• When: 2021-03-04
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Urkel, Happy Trees, Hollywood-R, Shankopotomus-R, Wilson, Nub

Going Old School

On a chilly 38 degree Smokehouse morning, the regular pax shuffled in. Shank rolled up on YHC fiddling around in my truck and quickly cautioned me to stop playing with my weinke and you know he was right…brought out an old school weinke from my console and prepared to bring back an oldie from years ago before Hollywood had his RESPECT and when Nub liked to run (ok, who am I kidding, that last part never happened but it was a good attempt at some humor). Urkel entered in silent mode in the Prius…was just like old times, well except for the 20 plus pax that used to post. Where oh where have the real men of B-L gone, not sure but this 6 pax of MEN got better, here’s what was done…

One min warning, opening prayer, Mosey to brick/block pile.

Grab 2 bricks and 1 block depositing the block at one turn of the track and the bricks at the previous turn. Then head to the middle of the practice field and circle up for the eff’n COP–SSH x 20 IC, TTT x 20 IC, Truck twists x 20, LBAC x 20 IC forward and reverse.

The Thang: AOQ Wilson picked us a corner to start and we headed to far turn of the track. On your six and completed Flutter Kicks, LBC’s, Heel Taps x 20 IC and then finished this corner with 20 BBSU’s. Recover and Jailbreak back to the middle of the field (Nub dusted everyone BTW) and completed 3 Burpees and then continued on to the opposite corner. Once YHC caught his breath from the Jailbreak/Burpees the Brick work consisted of Dirty Birds, Front Raises, and Overhead claps x 20 IC. Then moseyed around the track 3/4 to the other far corner, why didn’t we take the short route Urkel asked…not enough running was my response (I threw up in my mouth a little after saying that). Once at the far corner, on your six again for Gas Pumps, Am. Hammers x 20 IC and then V-ups and Iron Crosses x 20 OYO. Jailbreak back to the middle of the field (Nub sucked up the rest of the pax dust on this one) 3 more Burpees and then proceed on to the far corner for Block work. Overhead Presses, Curls for the Girls, Tricep extensions x 20 IC and then Napalms OYO. Bricks and blocks up and mosey back towards the flag stopping at the big trash bin and Jailbreak to the flag.

Time called. Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama. Announcements–Convergence, Workday March 20th. Prayers–Smokehouse missing pax, city, state, and Nation prayer and Unspoken

Weather bout to be right guys. #Geturmindright #ISI #TheGloomIsFun


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