• When: 2018-03-06
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Meter, Squatter, Paper Jam, Britta, Liability(R), Pop-off, Pennyworth, Mac

Engage those glutes!

8 Pax crawled out of the firm grasp of their fartsacks to post to Ambush for a little bit of learning. YHC has been taking his travelling form school around to all of the AOs and it has been loved by few and hated by most, including YHC! The theme of the day was “Engage the glutes!” The Pax think that there may be some kind of weird glute obsession on YHC’s part but it merely good advice for most exercises. If YHC did have a glute obsession you would see the word glute over and over again in the backblast and that just doesn’t happen. Glute!

The Weather: Low 50s and Real Nice!

The Thang:

Slowsey (Fast walk due to YHC’s no-running order from the doc

COP – All IC

Side straddle hop x 20

Thru the tunnel x 20

Imperial walker x 20

Windmill x 20

Lil baby arm circles x 15 each direction


Slowsey to a new spot

Build a burpee part 1 (The pieces)

Merkin x 10 in three different elbow positions to feel how it changes the muscles used

Engage the glutes!

Prisoner squat x 20 IC

Engage the glutes!

Image result for glutes meme

Plank jacks x 20 IC

Engage the glutes!

Image result for glutes meme



Build a burpee part 2 (The final product and crowd pleaser!!!)

6 count burpee x 20 IC

Engage the glutes!

Image result for glutes meme

8 count manmaker x 10 IC

Engage the glutes!

Image result for engage your glutes meme

Morning Wood x 10 OY (Special request from the Pax. These guys really like morning wood)

Engage the glutes!

Image result for glute funny

Slowsey to a spot of grass or dirt, whatever


Hydraulics x 10 IC…don’t forget Engage the glutes!

LBC x 10 IC….Engage the glutes!

Peter parker plank x 10 secs each side x 2…Engage the glutes!

American Hammer x 10 IC…Engage the glutes!

Shoulder Taps x 20IC….Engage the glutes!

Heel touch to V-up x 10 IC….Engage the glutes!


Jailbreak it back to the flag….You can disengage the glutes now!



  • T-claps to the Ambushers for putting in the effort on this tough workout. Lots mumblechatter and moaning but there was no lack of effort from these guys.
  • T-claps to the Strideliters including Sawdust and Juice who didn’t stay for the workout.
  • Cobains for rolling in hot. YHC obviously has a distorted view of the distance between his house the AO
  • YHC was challenged to use the word glute in my backblast at least 10 times and I believe that challenge was more than met.


  • P200 – Open slots
  • Brew Ruck, April 28th
  • True to the Brew April 21st
  • F3 Lex 3rdF 5K – LLS for MAC May 5th
  • Carolina Reaper Marathon – July
  • Ken Doll working on Mentoring program for Lex 1 Students – HC with KD to get on the List