• When: 2021-01-14
  • QIC: Ranger
  • The PAX: Pick Ax, Sunday Driver, Breakfast Club, Quisenbery, Boo (R), Software, Darmah, Booster, Wilbur, Wapner, Ranger (R)

Chilly Block Party at Turning Point

11 Pax Posted to Turning Point on a chilly morning to help each other get better.  Mumble chatter was on point as always it was great to see some newer faces in the assembled Pax

Weather was foggy and about 33 degrees

The Thang:

Mosey to back lot, circle up:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • TTT x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC

Mosey to block pile and back to parking lot:

  • Merkins on block x 10 IC
  • Block Curls x 10 IC
  • Block Press x 10 IC
  • Tricep Extensions x 10 IC
  • 6 Count Block Buster x 10 IC

Move to the corner for 4 Corners:

  • Round 1 lunge short sides, 20 squats at each corner and mosey long sides
  • Round 2 overhead block carry short sides, 20 merkins on block each corner and mosey the long sides

Group up in groups of 3 Pax for relay:

  • Round 1, Pax1 – curls with single block, Pax 2 – farmer carry 2 blocks to third pax, Pax 3 – squats; relay until team completes 200 curls and 200 squats
  • Round2, Pax 1 – with single block, Pax 2 – farmer carry 2 blocks to third pax, Pax 3 – LBC: relay until team completes 200 reps or time is called

Return Blocks to Block Pile and Mosey to Shovel Flag


Announcements:  Dam 2 Dam in a few weeks.  F3 Lex Anniversary Convergence the end of February

Prayer, Notebook, NoShow, Conseco, Taylor (awaiting kidney transplant, Families, 

Devo:  Too often we judge the “facts” of issues in terms of hearing what we want to hear and seeing what we want to see.  This is through a filter of our experiences and what we believe.  Sometimes the truth is in something that we choose not to believe so we don’t believe it.  This comes from an inward or selfish perspective rather than an upward Godly perspective.  We need to focus more upward than inward.


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