• When: 2018-06-09
  • QIC: Deadstick
  • The PAX: Bionic (R), Overnight, Grease Monkey (R), Dirty Bird (R), Chum (R), Strom (R), Ebert, Dominion, Bad Company (R), Brainiac, POTUS (R)

Yul Bryner Merkins on “Cougar Hill”

Conditions: Clear and 70 degrees. Perfect to work up a sweat.

The Thang:
No FNG’s

Warmup – 10 reps each with Burpees Between – Increment One Burpee after Each Exercise – Thanks to POTUS for calling cadence as my voice was going out due to a summer cold.

    • Through the Tunnel (1 Burpee)
    • Windmill (2 Burpees)
    • Side Straddle Hop (3 Burpees)
    • Little Baby Arm Circles (10 Fwd, 10 Rev. – 4 Burpees)
    • Overhead Clap – (5 Burpees)
    • Imperial Walker – (6 Burpees)
    • 8 Count Turn & Bounce – (7 Burpees)
    • Squats – (8 Burpees)
    • Flutterkicks – (9 Burpees)
    • American Hammer – (10 Burpees)

YHC was planning to do a long stroll around the campus loop, but with recent reports of cougar sightings at RBHS decided against it……(jk). Actually, YHC realized that it was only 2 weeks ago that I did a shorter loop of the campus. So, I changed up and decided to get in a Yul Bryner (Dirty Bird look-alike) workout on the hill near the band practice field. We didn’t have far to go either.

Yul Bryner Circuit:

Stroll to the block pile and get a coupon, block or bricks your choice, then on to the first light pole, then run through the 7 Yul Bryner merkins at each light pole.  The plan for this was to do an ab exercise at the bottom of the hill, then Bear Crawl to the top of the hill, do the Yul Bryner series of merkins at the top. (10 reps OYO), then Crawl Bear down the hill. Overhead carry of the blocks between the poles. The hill gets progressively higher as you go down the hill, so it proved to be challenging.

    • Pole # 1: 10 BBSU OYO, 10 Carolina Dry Docks at the top.
    • Pole # 2: 10 LBC’s OYO, 10 Wide Merkins at the top.
    • Pole # 3: 10 Fluterkick’s OYO, 10 Regular Merkins at the top.
    • Pole # 4: 10 American Hammer’s OYO, 10 Ranger Merkins at the top.
    • Pole # 5: 5-5 count Not-So-Lazy-Boy’s on Q’s count,10 Diamond Merkins at the top.  By this time, YHC was starting to walk up and down the hill along with several others….
    • Pole # 6: 10 Reverse Crunches OYO, 10 Crucible Merkins at the top.
    • Pole # 7: Finally the last pole I used Jaws favorite, the Inverted Superman held for 68 seconds. Unfortunately, Jaws didn’t post today!  There were 10 Chuck Norris Merkins at the top.

The plan was to rinse and repeat on the way back up the hill, but the hill proved to stronger than the Q so the plan was modified.

  • Overhead carry up to the previous pole, 10 Curls for the Girls in cadence.
  • Overhead carry to the next pole, 10 Monkey Humpers.
  • Overhead carry to the next pole, 10 Arnold Fonda’s (thanks Ebert)!
  • Overhead carry to the next pole. By this time the Q’s mind had fatigued so much that he could not come up with any more exercises on his own, so switch to a Mary format with Dirty Bird starting off with 10 BBSU’s.
  • Overhead carry to the next pole, POTUS called for 12 Squats i.c.
  • Overhead carry to the next pole, Chum called for 10 Burpees, OYO.
  • Overhead carry to the last pole, Ebert called for 20 tricep extensions
  • Overhead carry to the block pile… FINALLY!

With three minutes left to spare, YHC wanted to give the PAX their money’s worth, so we headed to the fence where we did:

  • 20 calf raises i.c.
  • 20 calf raises i.c., toes outward
  • 20 calf raises i.c. heels outward
  • 20 regular calf raises i.c., then to the flag!!!


  • August 4, Sweet Baby O, F3/FiA 5K, Register through RunHard
  • August 25, Stomp the Swamp 5K, there is a rucking division this year
  • November 10, John Flanagan 10K, same course as last year
  • Goruck event coming up the end of June in Columbia
  • Boneyard 2nd Qtr F3 Social at Hudson’s 6:00 pm Thursday

Prayer Requests:

  • Overnight- Next week taking church group to youth camp. Prayers for chaperones.
  • Jaws & his son.
  • Brainiac’s M, Carley.
  • Dirty Bird’s friend with husband and mother in hospital with cancer.
  • Safe travels for Brainiac and his family.
  • Overnight’s son in Iraq.
  • Chum’s friend who lost her father, and has been in several car accidents and lost her son in an accident.

Pledge of Allegiance
Lord’s Prayer
Coffeteria at Chick-Fil-A