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  • The PAX: FishWrap, 7-11, Recall, Notebook, Da Bears, Voltron (R), Forrest, Fast Casual, Rock Drop, Utah, Quest

Where was Potluck?

Back over the Summer, Potluck had the Arena Q and only 1 other guy showed up. It just so happened to be the week of the gauntlet. I can only think that he jumped in there to Q to pay us back for not showing up for his Q. Anyway, we missed you Potluck. YHC stepped in to host a Shoulder Extravaganza and it went a little something like this.

Conditions – VERY WINDY, 60 and Clear
BOM (oops, I forgot the disclaimer, but good thing we had a bunch of regulars) and Prayer

Mosey to side of building for COP
Merkins 15 ic
LBAC – 15 each way (Keep your Arms Up)
Overhead claps – 15 ic
Dirty birds – 15 ic
Raise the roof – 15 ic
Moraca night club – 15 ic
Mosey to back of school
Squat – 15 

Mosey to brick pile grab 1 block and 2 bricks

Front raises – 15 ic
Side raises – 15 ic
Rear raises – 15 ic
Lat raises – 15 ic
Shoulder press – 15 ic
Shoulder shrugs – 30 ic
Rinse and repeat

Calf raises – 30 ic
Jump rope 1 min

Curls for girls – 15 ic
Hammer curls – 15 ic
Reverse curls – 15 ic
Over head tri – 15 ic
Kick back – 15 ic
Block Dips dips – 15 ic
Rinse and repeat 

With about 10 minutes left in the workout I guess Notebook and Fast Casual got bored with the workout and started Star gazing. I didn’t realize we had such astronomers in the group.

Prayer Requests
Quest – Issue at home
Recall – Friend with Cancer

Arena Shirts should be delivered today and will bring Tuesday
Service Project with Jumanji happening this Saturday
Mentor Program needs mentors
Harry Bison (trail run) – 11/18
Lexington Half/Cheech 10k – 11/10
Wildcat CSAUP – 12/1
Christmas Party – 12/14
P200 teams/formed signing up
50k January 2019