• When: 2018-11-01
  • QIC: Kitty
  • The PAX: Kitty, Strom, Stent, Sheets, Polo, Lavar, Venti

Swampfox Rutland Beast

Conditions:  60 and gloomy

7 pax venture out with Kitty on a little road trip To Rutland for a Beast of a workout


Mosey out parking lot to “borrow” 3 cones and head to St Martins for a warm up

25 SSH IC, 6 Mt Climbers (4count) IC, 6 Mercans IC, 6 Squats IC

Mosey toward Forest for rest of warm up

LBAC Fwd x 15, LBAC Bwd x 15, 6 Jump Lunges each leg, 6 BB sit ups, 6 burpees

Cross Forest to Rutland and place cone at top of hill and other 2 1/3 down and 2/3 down hill.  Start Beast workout at bottom of hill.  Beast is 6 exercises at 6 stops with 6 reps at each stop.  Exercises were 1) Mt Climbers 4 count, 2) Squats, 3) Mercans, 4) Jump lunges 6 each leg, 5) BB sit ups, 6) Burpees.  Burpees were down on various stops on way back to AO.  All others were down at 6 stops up and down Rutland

No cones were harmed in execution of this workout

BOM and COT by YHC

Announcements:  Bring Mac and Cheese for OGM