• When: 2021-04-22
  • QIC: Escobar
  • The PAX: Black Betty, Key Chain, Brick, Bogey, WeeWee, Tinker, Duff, Mulligan, Blue Bloods, Dominion, Hemingway, NetZero, Escobar

What is your F3 Story?

YHC could sit here and write about what we did and how everyone pushed themselves to get better.  Yes, it was a nice cool morning and the men at Surge showed up strong and ready to work as is typical.  A summary will be provided below about what we did and who was there but what I want to talk about today is this group called F3.

It has truly been a blessing to watch this AO grow in all 3F’s.  Pushing, encouraging and supporting each other to get better physically.  Whether that be training for that first 5k, 10k, getting over that 10 mile hump (Dominion :)), half marathon, or marathon or other CSAUP stuff.  We’ve had a bunch of first time relay runners run Dam2Dam, P200, & Ville to Ville.  Shoot Blue Bloods made us an F3 Surge 2021 race T-Shirt.  

Fellowship…does it get much closer than sharing van/cars on one of these relays.  So many moments and individual experiences create the “glue” that keep these guys together.  We joke about “Fellowship Pace” being a run at slower pace but that’s a time to catch up and learn more about each other.  Or you and another PAX can listen to a son’s baseball game while running relay out of town.  Or you can replace a dead battery in a certain PAX car prior to a relay start while that car is carrying Leg #1 runner.  It’s a Sunday run and coffee at Lowes Foods.  These and so many others are the moments of Fellowship.

Faith…it’s lifting each other in prayer.  Both the fitness and fellowship pieces above start with Faith.  It’s seen when PAX are willing to be open about concerns.  It’s seen when PAX challenge each other in their walk with God.  It’s seen when PAX see each other at church.  It’s seen when PAX know they can’t do it on their own and a higher power is needed.

So, what is your F3 Story and how can you use that to reach other PAX?

For me F3 is so many moments with different PAX…its me asking Scotch “what is F3?” at kid baseball game, its my first slaughter starter with GraveDigger, its my first Q at the Hollow, its that first Saturday hour long bootcamp, its the Reaper with Hemingway, its trying to keep up with WeeWee on the old Hollow Publix SL route, its seeing other F3 men at a Daddy-Daughter dance, its watching Shake-n-Bake swim across the lake, its P200, its Dam2Dam, its Ville to Ville, its Cross Rucks, its the faith Ken Doll had in WeeWee and I to start Surge, it’s doing The Flood Surge AMRAP in zero degree weather with just me, WeeWee and Abner wondering if this Surge thing would work, its listening to MacGruber talk about how crazy we were for getting up so early and now he’s out here pushing the rock with us, its the times of mourning for those we have lost only to see us get stronger, its a 20-mile run to the State House with Flo and a bunch of other guys, it’s calls with Brownie talking about our running schedule for the week, it’s the runs with Hemingway at 430am Indian Run XL, it’s seeing men post even when they don’t like burpees, it’s having that conversation with a PAX to give them the encouragement to get back out there and post because you both need it,  it’s getting texts from PAX of encouragement or just checking in when they know you’re going through something difficult, and for my experience it’s watching the growth of the men of Surge.  It’s been exciting to see these men come together and form strong bonds.  There are so many more PAX and experiences that YHC could mention that have impacted me.  We all hopefully have similar experiences that make us post but these are the experiences that should give us the want to share with others.

What I need to do a better job of is to reach out to those PAX that have wondered away, continue to keep myself engaged in the F3 activities, and reach out to men outside of F3 so they can have those same experiences that we have.  That is the challenge.

So, here is what we did this morning:

No FNGs, disclaimer, and prayer.

The Thang:

SSH x 15

5 burpees 

TTT x 10

5 burpees 

Monkey Humpers x 15

5 burpees 

Imperial Walkers x 15

5 burpees 

Mosey to front entry drive hill:



Bottom – Bonnie Blairs (both legs is one)

Top – V Ups


Bottom – Tuck Jumps

Top – Leg Lifts

Mosey to bus loop:

Cone/Start 5x Burpees

Cone #2 10x Mountain Climbers

Cone #3 10x Jump Squats

Cone #4 10x Mountain Climbers

Cone #5 10x Jump Squats

Cone #6 10x Mountain Climbers



  • Fruit collection for Mission Lexington – get with Key Chain to support
  • Two teams for Ville to Ville 2021 – Dominion is Relay Q for Surge
  • Dominion Leadership Lexington – Cornhole tournament in June
  • 2nd F – Golf/Fellowship, send dates to Key Chain
  • Mulligan Birthday today

Prayer Requests:

  • Twerk
  • BlackBetty coworker Matt
  • Reach out to other PAX and bring them back


Comfort And Mercy
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, (NIV) ( 2 Corinthians 1:3 )

We all need comfort and mercy.  Thankfully, God never runs out of comfort.  He is the God of ALL comfort! If you are having trouble accessing his mercy pray that He would show you His mercies and let Him know you need his comfort.  He has an unlimited supply of grace available for you!

YHC challenged the PAX and myself to spend time alone with God.  Even Jesus needed to spend time away from His disciples and just be alone to think & pray.  We have so many things going on in our lives that take up our time.  We just need to make sure we’re also spending some time to be alone and just think, recharge, and talk to Jesus.

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