• When: 2019-03-06
  • QIC: Voltron
  • The PAX: Pick Ax, Spackle(R), Yahoo, No Help, Canseco, Postal, H4T, Revere

What Do You Mean It’s Not Raining?

Weather: 32 degrees, Finally A Day With No Rain!

The Thang:            

Intro, Disclaimer, Prayer

It was great to have H4T and Postal as well as No Help for some P200 training.

It was also good to have Revere out for his 2nd F3 workout!

Good job by Yahoo and Spackle getting their miles in.

Pick Ax is not on a P200 team if anyone wants to EH him. Good conversation with Canseco, too.

Great group of men out running this morning!


YHC had some creative options up his sleeve, but since 8 others showed up we took a simpler, safer route.

Take a left out of the parking lot down North Lake Drive. Go all the way to Old Cherokee and turn left. Go up the hill and tour the Publix and Lowes parking lots. After 22 minutes retrace your steps to the Arena shovel flag, which was pulling extra duty today at Crusade.

One dead raccoon was spotted, and there was allegedly an Elvis event, but YHC has not been able to confirm that. No cougars were seen or damaged even though Postal would have been ready for one or three.



Prayer Requests

Simon Says’ family – grandmother passed away

Kukoc’s family – newborn son still in NICU

No Help selling his rental house

Unspoken requests.


–      March 16 Lexington Race Against Hunger

–      March 22-23 – P200

– March 2024 – F3 Lexington 10 Year Convergence