• When: 2017-08-24
  • QIC: Hobby Lobby
  • The PAX: Chinstrap, Honey Bun (respect), Tinkle, Ralphie, Pipi, Deliverance, Tri Delta, Riverdance, Snake Handler, Ebert, Emmy, Scribble, Rooney, Kukoc, Julep, Deadstick (respect), Icarus, Brainiac, Farmer, Button, Steamer, Finch, Kid Sister, Harp, Hoboken, Tonka, Katniss, Hobby Lobby

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

***Posted on behalf of Hobby Lobby***

28 pax posted at the Pit this morning and breezed through the work I had planned out for them.  Truly impressive watching them work together.  Here’s how it went down…

Weather: 73 and perfect



We started with a nice mosey on over to the block pile where the each of the pax lovingly selected the piece of concrete that would be their best fiend for the next 45 min then trotted on over to the football field goal line for the warm-up.


5x thrusters with block


Sprint to 35 yard line


10x Merkins

(Rinse and repeat for 5 rounds then flutter kick while waiting on the 6)

Exercise 1: Teams of 3 pax work to 100 burpees with block

-Pax #1: Farmers Carry with two blocks to 35 yard line and back

-Pax #2: Plank

-Pax #3: Burpees with Block

(FC goes to P, P goes to B w/ B, B w/B goes to FC until 100 reps of Burpees w/ Block are reached.  Once complete, Pax continue to Burpee w/ Block while waiting on the 6)

Exercise 2:

Start at goal line

10x lunges with block


5x Merkins

(Continue until reaching the opposite goal line then plank while waiting on the 6)

Those SnakePit boys powered through that work much quicker faster than I expected so we went for a little hike with our blocks and planked to run out the clock.

Put up the blocks then mosey to the Shovel Flag.


– 8/26 Converge at Boneyard or Cryptonite at 6 AM.

– 8/26 Stomp the Swamp at RBHS


– 6’ Under’s back

– Katniss’ brother-in-law

– Wonka’s father-in-law