• When: 04/25/15
  • QIC: Catheter
  • The PAX: Booster, Chandler, Rocking Chair, Fracture, Muggy Tape, Blindside, Thumbs up, Buttermaker, Creeper, No Help, Catheter

Sweating to the Music of the 80s 90s and 2000s….Beat Down!

YHC devised a kind of weird DJ/Time travel/Workout thingy the morning for the PAX.  It was a rainy morning but that did not stop 9 courageous Men seeking to better themselves!  What a better way to pass the time, then with a good beatdown to some music!  Lets take a trip down memory lane with some good tunes and make some new memories as well.

Weather: 57 degrees and Raining

Disclaimer was said by YHC….then off to the challenge with a external speaker hooked to YHC iPhone in tow…quick mosey to the Helipad 



The PAX circled up and we began a quick warm up to get the blood flowing in our arms and legs:

-LB Arm circles IC x 10 forward, then x 10 in reverse

-TTT x 15 IC

-Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Quick Mosey to the Outside Weight Area for our 80s music Workout!


Outside Weight Room (80s Music Style)

YHC planned a 4 station workout that we changed at the end of each song.  Perform the workout at each station till the end of each song…Keep Movin.  The PAXs counted off with 4 groups of 2 (one had three).

-Station 1: BB situps/LB crunches

-Station 2: Rope Waves/Dips/Pull Ups

-Station 3: High Knees through tires/Squats

-Station 4: Incline and Decline Merkins on Big Tires

80s Playlist for this Workout:

Rock you Like a Hurricane by Scorpion, One thing lead to another by The FIxx, Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses, Fight for your right by Beastie Boys

Quick Mosey to Catheter Hill


Catheter Hill (90s Music Style)

Starring at the Hill….for a brief second and they we were off!

-10 Merkins then up the Hill

-10 big boy situps then down the Hill (Rinse and Repeat with YHCs wonderful playlist to pass the time)

The PAX were able to put in 10-11 Hill Reps over the course of the 90s playlist.

90s Playlist for this workout:

Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane, Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, Plush by Stone Temple Pilots, and Semi-Charm Life by Third Eye Blind

Quick Mosey all the way back to the Upper Field.


Upper Field (2000s Music Style)

Time for some work with Blocks…The PAX grabbed their Favorite Block, paired up, and lined up on the sideline of the freshly cut field.

-one guy does workout and the other guy sprints to the other sideline and alternate till first song is complete.  First song workout was curls for the Girls. Second song workout was burbies.

Finally…YHC’s favorite part of the workout…The Block Clock!!!!!

-The blocks were arranged in a circle with a 1-2 foot space in between each block.  Each PAX started on their block with merkin.  Then left arm on the ground and right arm remains on the block, then another merkin.  Then left arm goes left up to the next block to the left and right arm goes off the previous block to the ground and then merkin.  We are basically rotating around like a Clock remaining in the plank position as we rotate until we barely reached back to where we started (one rotation around the clock).

-We now did dips doing the same as above on the blocks except we went from block to block.  (one rotation)  We did this till the end of the song.

Put blocks up and went back to the via Mosey pace to the parking lot and then sprint to the Flag.   Followed by a last exercise…boat/canoe  led by “Rocking Chair”


-Go Ruck next Friday Night

-Cook out at Saluda River Club from Next Saturday 10am-2pm, bring your own meat and drink. (Kayaks, volleyball, fishing, and pool)

Prayer Request:



-Pray for all of us F3 men to reach out and EH people

Thanks for Playing: John Nickles (Catheter)

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