• When: 2022-01-25
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Two Star (R), Escobar, Wee Wee, Twerk, Skidmark, Black Betty, Dominion, Keychain, Bogey, Kenwood (R).

Surge Superbowl Countdown

It’s been too long since I’ve been to Surge.  Good crowd over there.  I think everyone StrideLite’d except me.  Yeah, I need to get back into the routine.

Anyways, YHC brought my 12 Squares routine along with some Superbowl trivia and 80’s Rock tunes.  Here’s how it went down…

  • 1 minute warning, no FNGs, disclaimer, prayer

Follow me to the back parking lot.  Along the way get in some butt kicks and high knees.  We got in some warmup exercises…

  • 10x SSHs IC
  • 10x Michael Phelps IC
  • 10x Air Squats IC

Everyone grab a block and meet at the speaker for some 80’s rock tunes.  Here is what we did for the rest of the morning.  Superbowl trivia was squeezed into each round of exercises.

  • 12 Squares (descending ladder as below)
    • Round 12 we did… 12
    • Round 11 we did… 12, 11
    • Round 1 we did… 12,  11, … , 1

using these exercises…

Round Exercise   Total number of exercises’ reps
12 Block OHPs   144
11 Block Squats   121
10 Block Swings   100
9 Feet In Block BBSUs   81
8 Up ‘n Over Block Merkins   64
7 Toilet Seat Squats   49
6 Block Lunges   36
5 Block Jump Burpees   25
4 Elf on the Shelf   16
3 Incline Diamond Merkins   9
2 Minutes of 6″   4
1 Cusack back to the blockpile   1
  total reps >>>   650

With time running out, we did single reps on the last round.  Block were returned and we mosied back to the shovelflag.


  • This Saturday – Digits / Needle 5K – Soles for Soles
  • Dam2Dam


  • Dominion – coworker
  • Black Betty – son’s after school program director
  • Keychain – aunt
  • Covid, schools, people recovering

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