• When: 03/05/2015
  • QIC: Quest
  • The PAX: Inuit, Ginger, Columbo, Ramblin' Wreck, Alter Boy, Zookeeper, Quest

Shoulder Shaping 101

YHC’s first Q with the Herd, he was very excited and nervous this morning. Had to bring his “A” Game just to live up to the standard of Jumanji

1 lap around walking path with all kinds of goodies in the middle (high knees, butt kicks, run backwards, Karoke right side, Karoke left side, bear crawl)

Head over to the baseball field for COP
SSH – 25 IC
Carolina Dry Docks – 15 IC
Through the Tunnel – 25 IC
Carolina Dry Docks – 15 IC
Squats – 25 IC
Carolina Dry Docks – 15 IC
Arm Circles – 25 IC both ways
Carolina Dry Docks – 15 IC

Head to dugout
3 Way Calve raises – 15 IC each way (total 45 raises)
Squats – 15 IC
Incline Merkins – 15 IC

3 Way Calve raises – 10 IC each way (total 30 raises)
Squats – 10 IC
Incline Merkins – 10 IC

3 Way Calve raises – 5 IC each way (total 15 raises)
Squats – 5 IC
Incline Merkins – 5 IC

Head to Brick Pile and grab 2 bricks – If anyone drops their Bricks, drop and do 5 Burpies
Curls for Girls – 15 IC
Reverse Curls – 15 IC
Overhead Tir Ext – 15 IC
Tri Kickback – 15 IC

Rinse & Repeat with reps of 10 & 5
We had one “accidental” drop brick for 5 Burpies on the very last set. I guess Ginger wasn’t getting enough, but he didn’t know what was coming next.

This was a crowd pleaser for sure
Side Raises – 15 IC
Front Raises – 15 IC
Reverse Fly’s – 15 IC
Shoulder Press – 15 IC

Rinse & Repeat with reps of 10 & 5
Shoulders were pretty smoked at this point

Thank you Jumanji for having me over, it was a nice visit and I hope you got what I did out of it. Great group of guys, I’ll be back for sure.

Prayer Requests

Continue Prayers for Walker and The Phillips family
Ginger is in the process of buying a house which can be stressful in itself, but pray for his family that they can come to an agreement on the current house they are looking at.

March 6: Crusade will meet at Krispy Kreme on 378 for the first donut run. Easy out and back for 45 minutes followed by donuts and 2nd F.

March 7 – Convergence this Saturday at Graveyard!

April 11: Ultimate Challenge Mud Run. Registration is open. This is F3’s Super Bowl. DO NOT register on the mud run site. F3 will have a special link with which to register. YHC will be the F3 Mud Run QIC. Also, No Show has agreed to be our Mud Run Region Q.

April 18 – Fire truck pull- Meltdown has a team and is looking for members, join the best of Lex and pull a fire truck for a good cause

May 1: GORUCK Custom Light. Preblast here: http://f3nation.com/2015/01/07/preblast-goruck-custom-light/

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