• When: 2018-03-15
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Cheers, Cowbell, Milk and Cookies, Buzzsaw, Big Box, Notebook, Turasi, Elmers, Ken Doll, Lego, Knozit

Shawshank BB 3/15/18

12 pax chose to wake up and get better instead of laying in bed and staying the same.  Mumblechatter didnt fartsack either.  YHC pulled into the parking lot and saw a group of men ready to get it on.  So we did.

Weather:  upper 20’s, slight wind

Disclaimer and Prayer

Here is how it went:

Indian run to the front/top field, around track and to front of campus. Circle up.

SSH x15 IC
IW x15 IC
TTT x15 IC

20 merkins OYO
20 merkins OYO
20 heal touches IC
20 merkins OYO
20 iron cross OYO
20 merkins OYO
20 merkins OYO
20 V-ups OYO

Indian run to lower field where we started.

On the field, line up on the sideline.
Bear crawl 20 yards 15 merkins
Bear crawl back, 15 merkins
Side plank walk 20 yards, 15 V-ups
Side plank walk back, 15 V-ups

Sprints from sideline to sideline, down and back is 1.  Complete 5 sets.

Squat fest
Rabbit squats x20 OYO
Prisoner squats x20 OYO
Sumo squats x20 OYO
Sorority squats x20 OYO
Bobby Hurley’s x20 OYO

Weinke ran out, spend 8 minutes of dealer’s choice.


F3 Mentor announcement.  50+ guys already committed.  If you want in, message Ken Doll

P200 3/23

April 7 – shawshank BC and then ultimate frisbee

April 21st – BC and then go to homeless shelter and then have another BC

May 5th – F3 run, raising money for Mac man of the year

May 19th – mud run

Prayer requests:

Cowbell’s wife

Lego’s friend’s coworker


“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Romans 12:11-12

“When you make other people’s problems your problems, God will take care of yours in turn.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nothing great is ever accomplished in life without enthusiasm.” You have to have a passion to see something great happen. That’s why you need to nurture your enthusiasm if you want to change.
If you are passionate about your goal it will become reality.
Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose your enthusiasm. So how do you maintain it? Speaking from personal experience, it takes more than positive thinking or psycho cybernetics. It takes God in your life. I’d also like to add that it takes other enthused people. F3 comes to mind.
The word enthusiasm comes from two Greek words. The word en which means “in” and the word theos which is Greek for “God.” To be enthusiastic means to be “in God.” When you get in God, you have enthusiasm deep in your heart.
The Apostle Paul tells us how to be enthusiastic in Romans 12:11-12, “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”
“Joyful in hope” – even when things go wrong, hang on to your hope in God and it will give you joy.
“Patient in affliction” – Remain patient because you know God will use whatever you’re going through for good.
“Faithful in prayer” – When tough times come, you have a choice: you can either pray continually or you can panic. You can either be on your knees giving it to God, or you can give up.

I pulled this devotional from the internet. As I studied it and made notes I thought about people in my life that are enthusiastic. Whether they are enthusiastic about work, religion, F3, being a good friend, good husband, good father etc. I can give you a name of someone that helps to make me more motivated to be better. Please realize that your enthusiasm is contagious. It impacts others.

Another way this devotional hit home for me: If I am in a good place with God, hard times are easier and i can find positives and realize how good God has been to me. If I am in a good place with God, I am more patient when I get anxiety over something. And if I am praying regularly, what life throws at me is easier to handle. Looking back…depression I’ve dealt with, anxiety I’ve felt, and sadness ive experienced…are during times i have strayed away from God.