• When: 2020-01-16
  • QIC: MacGruber
  • The PAX: Bar Crawl, Boo Boo, Deebo, Wing Back, Kukoc, Mail Order, Broad Head, Bondo, Adluh, Haboob, Tail Spin, Pop-Tort, Fiddy, Rumble Strip, Life Alert, Dawndy, Blue Rhino and MacGruber

Rockin’ Good Time at Detention

Today was my first ever visit to Detention. It’s a good hike from my house but a promise is a promise and I told Boo Boo I would Q if he showed up to the Stride Party. Well I Q’ed today…….still waiting for confirmation Boo Boo was at the Stride Party. He must have been wearing camo b.c. I didn’t see him. It was good to see my fellow Striders, Kukoc and Wing Back. The night before my Q, I received a DM for Bar Crawl. It was a link to everything I needed to know at Detention. Location, time, parking, map of blocks, map of campus…….THAT should be considered the standard. Very impressive. These men are in good hands.

Conditions: The weather sucked when I woke up. It was pouring in West Lexington but I signed up to Q so I was going to show up no matter what.  When I pulled up, I told Wing Back, maybe it could be a waffle house Q and he said, “yeah that doesn’t happen here”. The rain stopped and we ended up getting a good workout in. 

Stride Lite – There were 7 guys that showed up.  I woke up at 3am and heard the rain and decided that was just not going to happen for me. Kudos to the guys who did though. 

1 minute warning

Disclaimer – Maybe someone is a professional, but I am not.

Prayer –  


We took a mosey to the back of the school under the building.

TTT x 10

Windmill x 10….after this someone cracked about how easy this was so we started to get to work.

30 SSH IC followed by 2 burpees

25 SSH IC followed by 4 burpees

20 SSH IC followed by 6 burpees

15 SSH IC followed by 8 burpees

10 SSH IC followed by 10 burpees 

5 SSH IC followed by 12 burpees

I’m not sure why but I really like SSH’s….I do. We did 200 consecutively at Ambush a couple months ago and it was great.

Mosey back to my truck and get the granite rocks I brought. These rocks have been to various AO’s and every place they go, Pax ask me to not bring them back. I will take that as they thoroughly enjoyed them. 

Take you rock to back of school and line up on soccer field. Throw the rock as far as you can and where it lands – 10 merkins and 10 squats. Rinse and repeat until you get to the other end. On the way back same thing expect exchange bonnie blairs for merkins and squats. Half way back I noticed Kukoc wasn’t really doing a bonnie blair. It was more like an 80 year old women getting up off her knees. I said modify if need but so I guess I shouldn’t say too much…….

Put rocks back and hit the breeze way. Line up – 25 leg raises, no boo boo not iron crosses, leg raises. Once finished keep legs up and one man start at the end and throws each Pax ankles to the ground. Idea was to keep the ankles from touching the ground.  Some were successful, most were now.

Wall chair – left leg up (guys thought I was joking), right leg up, back and forth a couple times

20 LBC’s

20 Flutter kicks (small)

20 Flutter kicks (large)

Call it a day.

Recover to the flag:


*Dam to Dam volunteers

*P200 coming up

Prayers: Trickle, Pax father

Devo: Role of the husband in the bible; 1 Timonthy 3, Ephesians 5:21-24, Corinthians 11:3……Go read the scripture and find out….

Until next time………Go Gamecocks……….MacGruber

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