• When: 2019-02-14
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: Wapner, Wilbur, Booster, Boo-Respect, DanceOff, Sippy Cup, Canseco, Swanson

Rings of Fireish

  • 9 pax get their Valentine’s Day started in the gloom.

Conditions: dry with winter gloves

Here is what happened;

Disclaimer, prayer

Mosey to teacher lot, circle up. OHC, DB, IW, Squat, HR merkin, all x 10 IC. Mosey to block pile then circle up on bball court with blocks.

The following exercises we’re done in ring of fireish fashion: curls with non curling pax holding block horizontal, squats with other pax in air chair, tricep Ext with blocks held overhead, BBSU with block held extended above chest, thruster with air chair, block merkin with plank. 5 reps done in first circuit, rinse and repeat with 10 reps. ( Didn’t feel like a bad group of exercises, could stand to ratchet up the pace a bit next time by burning the ring in both directions from the start.)

Return blocks to pile and mosey to shovel flag, circle up for Mary. BBSU, FM, FK, LBC, V up all x 10 IC.

Announcements: dam to dam this Saturday, 5 yr convergence 3/2, p200 3/22&23

Prayer requests; danceoff’s m, Swanson’s Father, traveling pax, Wapner’s fil, Corbett

Devo: think about how we treat our spouse, kids other loved ones, throughout the year.  Showing affection and appreciation shouldn’t be reserved just for Valentine’s Day

Enjoyed the opportunity to bring the Q. #Accelerte, #MTAW